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30 Reasons to Always Get a Window Seat

I love traveling And by traveling in this case I mean actually moving from place to place. I love flying despite the long hours at boring airports. Once I get onto the plane, sit down in my window seat and watch the world get smaller as the plane takes off, I feel...

Divemaster Training in Mallorca: The Start of a New Adventure!

Well, if anyone thinks that having lived and worked all over the world means that I now know how to organize things properly, find the best jobs and avoid all problems... I have just proven you wrong! I don't know how often I have arrived at my new 'home' in a foreign...

Hiking on Spain’s Costa Blanca

It's a shame that during the almost five years I lived in Spain I only went on a hike once. I guess I must have been too busy working, studying, building a life, paying rent... those normal every day things that unfortunately do continue even if you choose a life...

The Perfect Spanish Breakfast!

It's funny really that in many coastal towns in Spain it seems easier to find a place serving a full English breakfast than a bar offering you a simple Spanish breakfast... Because yes, what you have probably heard about Spain is true: the Spanish Costas have been...

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