11 Of The Best Dive Sites in Bonaire - Caribbean
Do You Want to Sail Around The World? Here's 7 Ways to Make it Happen!
5 Good Reasons to Consider Flying First Class or Business Class
Ask an Expat: Living in Brussels, Belgium
What to See & Do in Eindhoven, The Netherlands - A Practical Guide
8 Of The Best Cafes For Working in Amsterdam
The 5 Most Important Things to Look For When Booking a Hotel Room

Ups and Downs of Expat Entrepreneurs in Spain

Expat entrepreneurs come and go in Spain Like in any country setting up your own business is not easy. Setting up a business in a foreign country adds a few extra difficulties. Not knowing the local language, local customs and the level of bureaucracy you will have to...

30 Reasons to Always Get a Window Seat

I love traveling And by traveling in this case I mean actually moving from place to place. I love flying despite the long hours at boring airports. Once I get onto the plane, sit down in my window seat and watch the world get smaller as the plane takes off, I feel...

Divemaster Training in Mallorca: The Start of a New Adventure!

Well, if anyone thinks that having lived and worked all over the world means that I now know how to organize things properly, find the best jobs and avoid all problems... I have just proven you wrong! I don't know how often I have arrived at my new 'home' in a foreign...

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