from short trips to traveling the world
& living abroad

from short trips to traveling the world & living abroad


10 Tips on How to Find The Cheapest Flights

If you fly as often as I do you want to know where to find the cheapest flights. These are my 10 tips for getting the best deals on airline tickets: 1. Know where to search for flights You won't find most budget airlines on large websites such as Kayak,...

Flying a Microlight in Mexico

Traveling expands your horizon, in many ways. And often you'll end up doing something cool, or crazy, such as parasailing behind an old car in India or in this case flying a microlight in Mexico... I've done a lot of interesting activities all over the world. While...

Living With The Mormons… A Unique Travel Experience

The Mormons, a cult whose members wear magic underwear and prepare for the end of the world while practicing polygamy. That's the Mormons, right? Not really. That's more the stereotype many people all over the world have of Mormons but none of that turned out to be...

How to Find The Perfect Job Abroad

Well, I can answer that question with two simple words: perseverance and Google. Although, is there such a thing as a perfect job? I'm not sure about that but I do know I haven't found it yet and I doubt you are likely to find it while you're not even in the country...



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