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from short trips to traveling the world & living abroad


9 Things to Know About Traveling to Thailand as a Woman

“Is Thailand safe for female travelers?” "My daughter is traveling to Thailand. Is it safe for a girl to travel to Thailand?" I have been asked these question several times recently. And as I am currently traveling around Thailand, I thought it might be worth creating...

Ask an Expat: Living in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city that attracts expats from all over the world. But what is expat life in Bangkok really like? Is it easy to move to Bangkok? Is expat life in Bangkok really as enjoyable as some people say? I am traveling through Thailand myself at the...

10 Perfect Gift Ideas for Digital Nomads

What is the best gift for a digital nomad? It can be hard to find the right present for a digital nomad, I know. Should it be electronics, or something that will bring them the comforts of home? What if they already have that? What if it’s too heavy for them to carry?...



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