from short trips to traveling the world
& living abroad

from short trips to traveling the world & living abroad


The Perfect Spanish Breakfast!

It's funny really that in many coastal towns in Spain it seems easier to find a place serving a full English breakfast than a bar offering you a simple Spanish breakfast... Because yes, what you have probably heard about Spain is true: the Spanish Costas have been...

What Makes a Real Traveler?

"We travel not just to travel and marvel at people, places, things. That's not just it. That was never just it for us. We travel to learn, to experience, and to feel all the spectrums of being human in this world." This is an article I love about us, the growing...

Fun Facts About Spain

I have just traveled back to Spain, a diverse country in the South of Europe where I lived for more than four years. In a way this country has it all: beautiful beaches, good ski slopes, amazing cities and great food. Maybe that's why I keep coming back......

Saying Goodbye Again… Moving Abroad

There I am, stuck in a small seat on one of the planes of a low-cost airline. I love the rise of low-cost airlines all over the world: ten years ago I paid three times as much for this exact same flight, but it's moments like this I wished I was short and could travel...

How to get enough sleep during a flight

Anyone who has been on long distance flights knows the feeling: after ten, twenty or even more hours you finally arrive at your destination and you are exhausted. You barely slept, your body aches from sitting in an airplane seat for hours and you are most likely jet...

Are many expats still leaving Spain?

The global financial crisis was a major reason for me to leave Spain in 2008. Now, six years later, property prices have dropped massively, unemployment is unbelievably high and many of the expats I knew when I lived in Spain have long left. But what will the future...



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