from short trips to traveling the world
& living abroad

from short trips to traveling the world & living abroad

Well, if anyone thinks that having lived and worked all over the world means that I now know how to organize things properly, find the best jobs and avoid all problems… I have just proven you wrong!

I don’t know how often I have arrived at my new ‘home’ in a foreign country thinking “Oh my god!” and it has probably been worse than this time but when I was standing at the airport a few hours ago, waiting for someone to pick me up who didn’t answer his phone, e-mail or Skype (gotta love modern technology…) I was definitely thinking “Oh my god!”…

In February this year, while I was doing some work for a Bed & Breakfast in Rome, I started looking for a new interesting opportunity abroad. One thing I have learnt over the years is that it does normally take time to find something interesting abroad so you definitely shouldn’t wait until you are back home, bored and ready to leave. I’ll guarantee you, you will either be bored for another few months or stuck with a crappy job they couldn’t find anyone else for! So, I needed an idea of what I wanted to do abroad…

I quite liked the idea of learning a new skill. A course, some sort of training… but after Rome it might be nice to live by the ocean again instead of in a city…

I have been scuba diving for a few years now and although I would never say I’m very good at it, I do love it and, more importantly, I do think it’s one of those jobs that gets you places. Teaching diving is done on some of the most idyllic, tropical locations in the world. And since I love the idyllic and tropical… why not try to do something dive related?

That’s how my search started and that’s how I eventually got hired by a dive center in Mallorca where I will now spend the next three or four months working and simultaneously training to become a divemaster. With that qualification I could then, in theory, get a job all over the world. A very poorly paid job by the way because that seems to be a standard thing in the dive industry, but I’m still focusing on the idyllic and tropical aspects of that lifestyle…

So, unorganized me arrived at the airport knowing that the owner, some South African guy, would pick me up. I had no idea what he looked like or how reliable a person he would turn out to be but still I didn’t make a backup plan and worse, I didn’t even write down his phone number… Maybe because moving to Spain feels like less of a move to me because I have already lived there and I was already in the country for two weeks when I got onto my flight to Mallorca, but it wasn’t a clever decision…

I arrived at the airport discovering it was much bigger and more crowded than I imagined. So it made sense that I couldn’t find the guy, assuming that he did show up. By that point the battery of my phone was about to die, I just about managed to get onto Skype to give him a call, and a second call, and a third call, and a few messages, without a reply… I used my last bit of battery life to google the dive center’s website and find a phone number. A phone number of the dive shop that, at 11pm, of course had nobody to answer the phone. And then my phone died. Thankfully I found a charger with which I could charge my phone through my laptop. I started my laptop, decided to send the dive center an email asking them to phone me, and waited. Quickly thinking that would probably be rather pointless I then went through my old emails and found a mobile number! When I phoned that and got no reply I gave up. for a cheap hotel it was. But, as I was searching through a long list of definitely not cheap hotels I got a call… The owner had been there all that time, just on the other side of the airport!

He turned out to be a friendly, although maybe slightly unorganized South African with great travel stories and so, after a nice drive from the airport outside of capital city Palma de Mallorca to small town Soller, we arrived at my new home… My new home which was already occupied by 4 of my future colleagues and, minor detail, had been rented unfurnished. A mattress on the floor of an empty and therefore admittedly spacious bedroom was pretty much all my new home had to offer… and that’s when I thought to myself “Oh my god!”.

My future colleagues went straight to bed so I guess I better do the same and see what will happen tomorrow when I’m supposed to show up at the dive center somewhere around 9am… not that I know where that dive center is of course!

Ah well, life is all about adventure and trying new things, right?!

About Mallorca

Mallorca, Spain: a summer abroad

Mallorca, or Majorca, is the largest of the four Balearic Islands which lie off the East coast of Spain, in the Western Mediterranean.The Balearic islands (in Spanish the ‘Baleares’) consist of the four islands of Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Mallorca is popular with both tourists and expats because of it’s pleasant climate, rich history and beautiful scenery.The island has over 800,000 inhabitants, most of them living in or around the capital of Mallorca, Palma.

Let’s hope my adventure on this supposedly beautiful island will be a good one!

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Divemaster Training in Mallorca: The Start of a New Adventure!

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