Dutch Travel Stuff

Dutch Travel Stuff

For years I have kept a blog about my travels in Dutch. I have written about my amazing experiences in different countries, about problems I faced and about the countries themselves and the problems they faced. I will now try to do a similar thing on this website but include more general information about my destinations and about life as a traveler and an expat.

For anyone who can read Dutch (or loves using Google Translate) and is interested in my old travel stories, feel free to have a look at whereissanne.wordpress.com

When I moved to the Maldives in 2012 and started receiving questions from people interested in traveling to the Maldives I began to look for options to share my experience. I eventually got registered as an expert reviewer for the Dutch review website Vakantiepanel where I post extensive reviews about hotels I have stayed at and places I visited. For Vakantiepanel reviews I stayed at many luxurious resorts and I continue to occasionally select hotels and write for Vakantiepanel. For anyone who is interested in reading my (Dutch) reviews: www.vakantiepanel.nl/expert/profiel/198513

With Dutch magazine Vertrek NL, a magazine about living and working abroad, I did an interview about my life in the Maldives compared to my life as it once was when I still lived in Holland. For anyone who can read Dutch and is interested in living abroad, Vertrek NL is a great read. Their website: www.vertreknl.nl
If you would like to read my article you can find it here:
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Lastly, for Nederland Schrijft I wrote a short story about my experience working in a hostel in Trujillo, Honduras. Unfortunately their website has recently been deactivated.