Where Is Spend Life Traveling’s Sailboat?

Spend Life Traveling's sailboat

Say what? Yes, I did it, I bought a sailboat!

I’d actually been saving money to do the ”sensible thing”. I was going to buy an apartment in Valencia, the Spanish city I’d been spending most of the past three years in.

But when I started looking at apartments something just didn’t feel right. I don’t know if it was my budget, the city, or the timing, but I just couldn’t find an apartment I could actually see myself living in.

And did you know that for the same price as a cheap one-bedroom apartment in Valencia you can actually buy a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom catamaran?!

So yeah, that’s what I did. I found a nice, 23 year old catamaran in the south of Spain and bought her with the idea of sailing her to the Caribbean (and perhaps beyond…).

Minor detail: I can’t actually sail!!

Thankfully a good friend of mine has been sailing most of his life and is a boatbuilder, so he’s really been the reason I’ve been able to start this crazy adventure.

I bought the catamaran in October 2020, we then spent 7 weeks working non-stop to get a boat that I thought was already in great condition (oh how little I knew about boats…) ready for an Atlantic crossing.

And now, our sailing adventure has started!

Where is Spend Life Traveling’s Catamaran

This map is updated in real-time to show our current location, whenever our AIS (an automatic tracking system) is able to send out a signal.

 You can zoom in & out on the map 


Yes, I named the boat No-Mad.

Why? Well, I thought it was a funny play-on-words: I’ve spent most of my adult life traveling and moving from country to country, so I’m definitely a bit of a nomad.

But, I’m also ”not mad” for buying a sailboat without knowing how to sail. Or am I? There have definitely been days I questioned my sanity!!

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