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Do You Want to Sail Around The World? Here’s 7 Ways to Make it Happen!

Are you dreaming about sailing around the world?

Thankfully, quite a few of us humans have thrown out the dated mentality that we have to grow up, get married, have kids, get a good job and then when we retire we can travel (or have fun). Who wants to wait until they’re 65 years old to sail around the world?

My family and I have been sailing around the world for over five years now.

And while doing so we’ve come across a wide variety of opportunities to sail around the world. Allow me to list them…

How to Sail Around the World – 7 Ways to Make It Happen


1. Get Paid to Sail Around the World

Get paid to sail around the world
Sailboats in St Maarten

Review various crew-training courses and find a link between your skillset and crew jobs.

Qualifications include: Deckhands, Steward/ess, Engineering, Interior Training, Chef, all the way through to becoming a qualified Captain.

Our friend Stephanie is currently working her way up to being a Captain. To get her hours in, she’s spent time crewing on a 90’ motor yacht in the Caribbean, a 65’ sailboat in the Mediterranean and she’s now on a 120’ floating palace in the Pacific.

As her job qualifications increase so does her pay packet. AND… let’s not forget that she’s seeing the world in the process.

Gerald, another friend, works for a high-end sailboat manufacturer. He services all the sailboats currently making their way around the world in a three year organized around-the-world rally.

On each leg of the journey, he joins a different boat heading to the next destination. In-between passages he works on servicing the whole feet.

And these are just a few of many examples of how you can get paid to sail around the world.

If you want to do a professional sailing course, then courses from the American Sailing Association (ASA) and the  Royal Yachting Association (RYA) are good, internationally recognized options. The courses are offered by many sailing schools all over the world.

2. Volunteer to Crew on Smaller Sailboats

Want to sail around the world? Volunteer on smaller sailboats

Are you in a rush to get on a sailboat? Would you prefer to skip the qualifications and head straight for the experiential side of sailing? If so, get in touch with sailors that are currently sailing around the world and offer to volunteer your time.

We took four volunteers sailing across the Atlantic Ocean with us and have had several others join us for one or many long-distance passages.

You can find sailing couples and families on YouTube (many have Youtube channels), by searching for Sailing Bloggers, and by joining sailing groups (on Facebook for example).

And there are dedicated websites such as Crewseekers.net and Crewbay.com where you can create a profile listing your experience and information about where and when you’d like to sail.

When emailing or talking to a boat owner explain your desire to volunteer, any relevant skillsets, and your availability.

We’re always looking for an extra pair of hands but it’s great when we have guests that know about electrics, plumbing, woodwork, cooking, and those that are happy to help us entertain our seven-year-old!

3. Seek out Boat Sitting Opportunities

How to sail around the world? Boat sitting options

This is a great opportunity for those that want to sail around the world but don’t actually like sailing OR like the idea of sailing but get seasick.

Most boat owners making their way around the world take time out to go home. They’ll often find the safest marina they can but leaving a boat is scary for a boat owner.

Some owners find boat sitters that will babysit the boat for a few weeks or even months.

There’s often no exchange of money but both parties win. The boat owner has someone keeping an eye on things and the boat sitter gets free accommodation in a variety of awesome spots.

To find these opportunities, simply search on Google, ‘boat sitter jobs’.

4. Date a Single Boat Owner

a sailboat sailing around the world

This might seem like a crazy objective but it happens all the time.

Boat owner boy or girl meets non-boat-owner girl or boy. They fall in love and the boat owner says, ‘let’s sail around the world’. The rest is history.

To increase your chances of success, hang out in marinas and yacht clubs.

Of course be careful, because you do end up sharing a small living space in often very remote places. But, I’ve heard many beautiful love stories.

5. Go on a Sailboat Cruise or Join an Around the World Race Boat

Going on a sailboat cruise is a way to sail around the world

Some sailboats continuously go around the world. You can choose the area you want to see and pay for that particular leg of the journey.

If you have the funds to go all the way around the world, bonus. If not, you can do a different leg every year until you achieve your goal.

6. Set up a Boat Share

Want to sail around the world? Set up a boat share

Find some friends that have similar ambitions as you have. Pool your money together to get a boat. Once the boat is obtained, work on a plan to sail it around the world.

There are several syndicate boat owners making their way around the world doing one to two passages a year.

The owners work year-round but take vacations to sail the boat to the next destination. This makes it a great way to sail around the world while keeping your job.

7. Buy Your Own Boat

dog on a sailboat

This isn’t as difficult as it may seem. For US$40,000 you could get a reasonable boat to sail around the world in.

Many boaters sell their house, buy a boat and turn to a nomadic sea life. The key issue is to find a source of income while sailing around the world.

Renting out property, working online and finding work-from-home jobs are ways that many people make it work.

Or, there are those that buy a boat and sail it six months out of the year and return home to work for six months.

Before you buy a boat though, do a lot of research.

Boats require more maintenance than you probably thought (it sometimes feels like the work never ends!). And, if you want to sail around the world the boat you choose needs to be up to the job.

I’d recommend reading all the blogs you can find about living on a sailboat and about sailing around the world. Watch Youtube videos from people who are currently sailing around the world to get inspired and to get an idea of what it would be like to do this yourself.

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Sail Around the World. Make it Happen!

Sailing around the world is one of the most exhilarating, fulfilling, and incredible ways to see the world.

And you don’t have to wait until you win the lottery to make it happen.

Tip: if you want to get more sailing experience, or want to figure out if sailing around the world is really for you, chartering a boat is a good option. When you volunteer as crew, the owners often don’t have the time or ability to teach you real sailing. But when you charter a boat with a captain, the captain is there to, literally, show you the ropes.

Or, charter a boat without a captain if you know how to sail already and want to build miles and perhaps try out different boats.

I know, chartering a boat may sound expensive, but split the cost with friends (or post a message in a sailing group on Facebook to share a boat with other sailing enthusiasts) and it will all of a sudden cost you barely more than a hotel room.

Click&Boat is one of the best websites to charter a sailboat in most countries around the world.

Renting a boat in Greece is a popular option to build miles and gain experience, as I describe in this article.

Whichever way you choose to start your sailing adventure, I hope I’ll see you on the sea soon!

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Have you fantasized about sailing around the world? It might be a lot easier to make this dream a reality than you think! These are 7 ways you could make it happen: sail around the world in a way that works for you!

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Author: Kim Brown
Sailing Britican is a family boat that sold up and sailed away in 2013. Captain Simon is British. First Mate Kim is American and their daughter, Sienna (age 3 1/2 when leaving land) is both – thus the name Britican (BRITish & amerICAN). Thus far they’ve circumnavigated the Mediterranean, crossed the Atlantic, sailed up the Caribbean and along the east coast of America and Bermuda doing over 20,000 nautical miles. The family creates videos on YouTube and write articles at Sailingbritican.com with the hopes of entertaining, educating, inspiring and connecting with other sailors.

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  1. Where can I find a person looking for a traveling worker/friend? Hopefully that’s how they would see a person to circumnavigate the globe with anyway. I Just don’t want to feel like I’m on an adventure with my boss. I’m extremely serious about sailing around the world. Really looking to try and find someone with a fire under them to start a trip sooner rather than later. One or two people to help me getting the whole thing going from the acquisition of a boat to finish. CHEAPLY will be a great adventure.

    • Hi Ben, did you try connecting with other people through sailing forums or sailing Facebook groups? You are very likely to find people there who are interested in sailing around the world in the same way as you are.

    • Hi ben! did you ever make your journey around the world on a sailboat?
      I want to do the same thing even if I have to give a little and pay a little.

  2. Great post. Thank you heaps. Would love to set sail soon. If theres any single ladies with an ocean cruising boat out there looking for a friendly sailor to date, hit me up 😉. Cant wait to circumnavigate the planet with you.

  3. So glad to have found your site! All my husband is doing is looking at boats for sail and talked of leaving his job to sail around the world. It sounds wonderful, but we have a 7 year old and one about to leave for adulting in 1 1/2 years. So I just don’t know how to take that leap. He is ready to get away from his crazy job. So many things to think about as a mom and I know my kids would learn SO much more in life than just common core stuff the US is currently teaching.

  4. I want to sail around the world. Well I’m dying and I can’t be cured so my last wish is to buy a sailing boat like an ocean going yacht and just pack some food and normal provisions and just cast off and set sail.
    I’m looking to buy an old boat that’s ok for the open seas and just go. I know how to rig the sails and basic things but I can’t read maps or do the compass but that’s not a problem. I have sourced ocean yacht that has got the milage behind it but it’s an old wooden boat. I’m not too worried as it’s a sound boat but i need to know how to set the auto pilot and set the course from here in the uk to america first stop.
    ive got at least 8 months left in my life so I want to just head out to sea. The boat is 22 ft long. It’s a good solid boat as far as I’m told. It has a compass and an inboard engine and it can be crewed by 1 man. I’m kinda disabled so I thought I would set the mainsail and then the other 2 sails and just get the boat out off the harbor and then just follow the coast around till I get to the open sea and then head towards the north star and see where it takes me. I don’t know how to use the radio but it should be simple I guess. I’ve got plenty of excess fuel for the inboard engine and a tank of fresh water. I have no charts as I can’t read them but I’m guessing head along the English channel till I get to the Atlantic ocean then head towards Ireland and then from there head towards America across the Irish sea. I ain’t got no licenses for radio but that’s not a problem if it ain’t going to be used.

    I want to do this trip before I pop off to the promised land and the time by my self will help me to come to terms with what I’ve got to come.
    Anyway, any help in telling me instructions on what to do on my boat as to keeping engine and lighting working and how to do the autopilot and the other instruments will be a help.

    It’s something I’ve longed to do sail a yacht on the ocean as they say you don’t know till you try it.
    Please any tips would be helpful.

  5. Love this post! Trying to achieve the dream right now, can’t wait to finally take the leap and buy the boat 🙂 Am loving reading about your other adventures.

  6. Haha I absolutely love this post idea and dating a boat owner is definitely my favorite! 😀 Maybe I’ll add that to my bucket list, cause I can definitely see me sailing around the world! Also, your pictures look stunning!

  7. I would love to sail around the world but alas I can get quite sea sick! Definitely need to take more meds or natural remedies to be able to complete this challenge! Wouldn’t mind dating a boat owner for it either 😀

  8. Since buying my own boat is impossible, I actually love the idea of being a boat caretaker! I really didn’t think there was something like that but it sounds about perfect. You get to live on a boat without investing any money at all, for weeks! What an amazing idea 😀

  9. LOL I somehow don’t think any of those will happen for me – but I had no idea there were so many options to sail around the world. And, if you could find me a dating site where I could filter out ‘single boat owners’ who are also millionaires, that would be a good starting point…

  10. Sounds like a dream come true if you don’t get seasick! I would love to sail around the world. Just looking at your photos entices me to do it. But as I do get terribly seasick I don’t think I would have a good time.

  11. Those pictures look absolutely stunning! I have been sailing before, but always close to land, where the water is “friendly” 🙂 I’m not sure if I have the stomach to cross complete oceans though 🙂


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