things to know before traveling to Spain

Things to Know Before Traveling to Spain

For anyone traveling to Spain for the first time, the trip comes preloaded with a little mental baggage. Depending on where you’re from, Spain probably conjures easy images in your mind. Maybe “Spain” means beaches and … Read more

Rooftop bars in Valencia: Sky Bar at Barceló Hotel

The Best Rooftop Bars in Valencia, Spain

There are surprisingly few rooftop bars in Valencia, especially considering it’s a city with such a great climate and gorgeous historic center. But, there definitely are a few rooftop bars in Valencia worth checking out and … Read more

Expat life in Barcelona: interview about moving to and living in Barcelona

Ask an Expat: Living in Barcelona, Spain

What is it like to move to and live in Barcelona? With its great climate and high quality of life, Barcelona is a popular destination for expats. Currently I myself am enjoying life in Valencia, and I … Read more

expat life in Madrid

Ask an Expat: Living in Madrid, Spain

What is it like to Live in Madrid? Madrid, Spain’s capital city packed with history and culture… I recently moved to Spain myself (to Valencia) and I am really enjoying life here. Therefore I was very … Read more

art vacation in Spain

Why Art Lovers Should Travel to Spain

Art enthusiasts often travel the world to see the incredible pieces that both classic artists and modern artists have to offer. And if you’re looking for a country replete with astonishing art, then you need to … Read more