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Must-Do in Spain: Visit a Parador

Must-Do in Spain: Visit a Parador

I have lived in several places in Spain and I’ve been able to see a large part of this diverse country, try out its amazing food in different regions, drink its great wine and see its beautifully contrasting landscape. That made me ponder my final Spanish...
Hiking on Spain’s Costa Blanca

Hiking on Spain’s Costa Blanca

It’s a shame that during the almost five years I lived in Spain I only went on a hike once. I guess I must have been too busy working, studying, building a life, paying rent… those normal every day things that unfortunately do continue even if you choose a...
The Perfect Spanish Breakfast!

The Perfect Spanish Breakfast!

It’s funny really that in many coastal towns in Spain it seems easier to find a place serving a full English breakfast than a bar offering you a simple Spanish breakfast… Because yes, what you have probably heard about Spain is true: the Spanish Costas...
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