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Using the Valencia Metro – How to Save Money and Travel More Easily

I’ve been living in Valencia for over two years now and I think it took me about a year to learn about the TuiN Card.

Even though the TuiN card is a standard Valencia metro ticket, I found out many people who have lived here for years don’t know about using this card on the Valencia metro. And it can save you a lot of money!

But this TuiN card doesn’t only save you money, it also makes using the Valencia Metro easier.

So, whether you are visiting Valencia or are living here, read this article to find out why and how you should use Valencia’s TuiN card.

Using the Metro in Valencia

metro in Valencia

Valencia’s Metro is clean, safe and reliable. There are 9  lines, 3 of which are actually trams but are part of the same network and therefore work with the same metro card.

To be honest, I don’t use the Valencia metro a lot. It’s how I get from Valencia airport to the city center, but the rest of the time I mainly walk, or sometimes cycle, to get around the city. This is actually one of the things I love about Valencia: it’s a very walkable city with a very compact center.

But, before I tell you more about the TuiN card, let me try to give a short explanation of how to use the metro in Valencia.

This is the official map of the metro lines in Valencia:

Valencia metro map

As you can see there are two lines (line 3 and 5) that go from the airport to the city center.

I would say the metro is the best form of transportation from Valencia airport to the city center. The only real alternative is taking a taxi but that, of course, costs a lot more. And, as I will explain below, with the TuiN card you pay only 2 Euros to get from Valencia airport to the city center!

For any other use of the metro in Valencia I’d say just check Google Maps. Type in your destination and Google Maps will tell you which, if any, metro line you can take.

Valencia Metro Tickets & Metro Zones

buying Valencia metro tickets
the ticket office and ticket machines at the metro at Valencia airport

Have another look at the Valencia metro map above. On the right-hand side, you see the letters A, B, C and D. Those are the different zones Valencia’s Metro system uses.

Depending on where you plan to go to you can buy tickets for different zones. Your standard ticket options are one-way, round trip, or a so-called Bonometro which allows you to buy 10 rides for a specific zone at a discounted rate.

All Valencia Metro tickets can be bought at any metro station, either through a ticket machine or from the ticket office.

I’ll share several other tips for using the metro in Valencia at the end of this article, but let’s talk about this TuiN card now!

Why You Should Use the TuiN Card in Valencia

the Valencia metro card
a plastic Valencia metro card (Mobilis card)

And more importantly: why did nobody tell me about this Tuin card when I moved to Valencia??

First of all, although people call this the TuiN card (and even the official Metro Valencia website calls it this), it’s not actually a different card.

It’s just a way of loading money onto the standard metro card.

The short answer to why you should choose the TuiN option when using the metro in Valencia is: the TuiN card saves you money on every trip and allows you to use the entire Valencia metro & tram network with just one card.

But, let me describe the pros and cons of the TuiN card in Valencia in a bit more detail.

Pros of Using Valencia’s TuiN Card

1. Going to the Airport Costs Just € 2 Instead of € 3.90 or € 4.90

When I first moved to Valencia I did what most tourists do when they arrive at Valencia airport: walk to the ticket office or one of the ticket machines and buy a one way or return ticket into the city.

This way you pay € 4.90 for a one-way ticket into the city (€ 3.90 + € 1 for the card), or € 8.40 for a return ticket (€ 7.40 + € 1 for the card).

If you’d buy a TuiN card each ride from or to the airport would cost you only € 2, plus a one time fee of € 1 for the card.

The first thing most visitors don’t know is that the paper metro ticket you receive is actually reusable and has cost you € 1.00. So, don’t throw it out! The next time you want to buy a metro ticket, either hand this ticket to the ticket vendor or insert it into the ticket slot in the ticket machine. This way your new metro ride(s) will be loaded on the existing ticket. You save € 1.00 and waste less paper.

Tip: if you are staying in Valencia longer you can ask the ticket office for a more durable plastic card. The card costs € 2.00 and cannot be obtained at a ticket machine.

2. All Your Metro & Tram Trips in Valencia Turn Out Cheaper

Although the price difference is most notable when comparing the TuiN prices to one-way or round trip metro tickets to Valencia airport, the TuiN card makes all metro travel cheaper.

See the price comparison between the different metro ticket options further down the article.

Note: the Valencia Metro App lists Bonometro prices as the same (apart from 1 zone option) as the TuiN. I double-checked with a Metro Valencia staff member and by trying to buy different Bonometro tickets myself at a ticket machine: prices are not the same. Even though it’s only a few cents for some metro zones (see prices below), the TuiN is cheaper than the Bonometro for all options.

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3. You Don’t Need a Different Card for Different Zones Anymore

This, to me, is the biggest advantage of the TuiN card

Like most of my friends in Valencia I used to have various metro cards: one for traveling within zone A, one for going to the airport, and for a while I had one for zone AB too. 

This is because the Bonometro (the 10 rides package) is substantially cheaper than just buying a one-way or round trip ticket. But, each metro card only allows a Bonometro for 1 type of metro ticket.

It’s annoying! I never liked keeping track of my balance on all the different cards and I was always worried I would end up taking the metro from a different zone and then my card wouldn’t work.

So, having one TuiN card that can be used on the entire metro & tram network is definitely easier!

4. You Can Use One Card for the Whole Family

Now this is actually a tip for both the Bonometro and the TuiN; you can use the same card for multiple people. The Bonometro can be used for up to 30 people and the TuiN for up to 60 people!

And, if you do decide to buy a simple one-way or round-trip ticket instead of the TuiN, you can load four of those on one Valencia metro card. So even this way you can use one card for multiple people.

So, if you plan to travel together as a group or family, just buy one metro card, load enough TuiN credit on there and use the one card to check everyone in and out when using the metro or tram.

5. You Travel for Free Once You’ve Reached a Monthly Limit

This is a nice bonus if you use the metro a lot. But, I do mean A LOT, since the monthly limits are high.

Monthly Limits:

  • 1 zone: € 41
  • 2 zones: € 53
  • 3 and 4 zones: € 63
  • airport: € 72

How Does This Work?

Once you have spent 41 Euros within one calendar month, all your travels for the rest of the month within one zone are free of charge. You will still pay the normal TuiN rates when you travel in 2 or more zones.

Then, once you have spent 53 Euros, your travels for the rest of the month within 2 zones also become free of charge, etc.

Again, with Valencia being such a walkable city I don’t think many people spend this type of money on the metro, but if you do, this is nice to know!

Note: only your own trips count towards this free travel. If you use one TuiN card for more passengers at the same time, only one counts towards your monthly balance. The fare per journey for your companions will be the same as any TuiN cardholder but only you will be able to take advantage of free journeys once you have reached the monthly threshold.

Cons of Using Valencia’s TuiN Card

1. You Have to Load Your Card With a Minimum of 10 Euros

If you are only visiting Valencia for a few days, you might not spend 10 Euros on the metro.

For example, if you are visiting Valencia and are staying in the city center, you might only use the metro to get from Valencia airport to the city center. A round trip ticket would cost you € 8.40 and would, therefore, be cheaper than buying the TuiN card.

But, if you are planning to use the metro a few times or are traveling with other people, the TuiN very quickly becomes the cheapest way to use the Valencia metro.

Note: the maximum you can load on the TuiN card at one time is 100 Euros. 

2. You Can’t Load TuiN and Bonobus on One Metro Card

Similar to the Bonometro for the Valencia metro there is a 10 rides package for the bus called the Bonobus.

If you have been using the Bonometro you might have gotten used to the fact that you can load both the Bonometro and the Bonobus on the same plastic metro card. Unfortunately Bonometro and Bonobus are the only public transport tickets that can be combined on one card. TuiN, therefore, cannot be combined with the Bonobus.

But, these two things are really the only downsides to using the TuiN card I can think of. Because, apart from special memberships (such as monthly ones or ones for retirees in Valencia) the TuiN really is the cheapest and easiest way to use Valencia’s Metro and Tram system. 

How to Get the TuiN Card

Buying the Tuin card in Valencia
How to get the TuiN card in Valencia at a ticket machine

You can get the TuiN card either at one of the ticket offices inside the metro stations or at a ticket machine.

If you use a ticket office, just ask for a ‘TuiN Card with 10 Euro’ (most people at the ticket office speak English so you can just ask for this in English). If you use a ticket machine, look for the ‘Purse Card — TuiN’ button in English or ‘Tarjeta Monedero — TuiN’ in Spanish. Insert your metro card first if you already have one or pay € 1 extra once you finish your order to receive your TuiN credit loaded onto a paper metro card.

Note: as mentioned before, if you are using an existing card, make sure there are no other metro or bus tickets loaded on the card anymore. This is because different travel plans cannot be combined with the TuiN. If you do have some credit left and want to switch to TuiN, just go to a ticket office and let them sort it out for you.

Comparing Prices: Tuin Card Valencia vs One Way Tickets, Round Trip Tickets & Bonometro

comparing prices of Valencia metro tickets

To give you an idea of how much you would save by using the TuiN card, this is an overview of the standard valencia metro tickets.

1 zone
one-way ticket: € 1.50
round trip ticket: € 1.45 each way
Bonometro: € 0.76 each way
TuiN: € 0.72 each way

2 zones
one-way ticket: € 2.10
round trip ticket: € 2.00 each way
Bonometro: € 1.10 each way
TuiN: € 1.04 each way

3 zones
one-way ticket: € 2.80
round trip ticket: € 2.65 each way
Bonometro: € 1.47 each way
TuiN: € 1.40 each way

4 zones
one-way ticket: € 3.90
round trip ticket: € 3.70 each way
Bonometro: € 2.10 each way
TuiN: € 1.40 each way

one-way ticket: € 3.90
round trip ticket: € 3.70 each way
Bonometro: € 2.10 each way
TuiN: € 2.00 each way

Tip: Are you under 31 and want to save even more on the Valencia Metro?  There is a ‘TuiN Jove’ that gives passengers under 31 an additional 15% discount. Allegedly you only have to show a document proving your age and have a passport-sized photo to apply for this. I haven’t tested it since I’m not young enough anymore… 🙁

Tips For Using the Metro in Valencia

tips for using the metro in Valencia

1. Use the Metro Valencia App

I’d recommend using the Metro Valencia App to check metro times.

Not all metros run very frequently and the metro doesn’t run all night. So the app will keep you from waiting too long at the metro station and from missing that last metro home.

The official Metro Valencia App can be downloaded in the App Store here or in the Google Play Store here.

2. You Can Recharge Your TuiN Card Online

Apart from recharging your TuiN card at a ticket machine or ticket office inside any metro station, you can also recharge your card online.

To be able to do this you do however have to create an account online and register your card.

3. Kids Under 10 Travel For Free!

No matter what metro ticket you choose, up to two kids per adult are always allowed to travel for free, as long as they are under the age of 10.

4. A Tip For Traveling With a Suitcase

how to travel with a suitcase on the Valencia metro

To enter the metro platforms you have to go through electric gates which you open with your metro card. If you are traveling with a suitcase, use the gates with the disabled signs. They are wider plus they open and close slower, which means less risk that your luggage gets stuck!

5. One Alternative to the TuiN Card

To make the whole system of metro tickets just a little bit more complicated… Especially if you live in Valencia, there is another metro ticket option you might want to consider, depending on where you live and what transport you use. That is the Bono Transbordo.

The Bono Transbordo only works for zone A (€ 9 for 10 rides) or zone AB (€ 15.50 for 10 rides). Where the TuiN (and the Bonometro) can only be used on the metro and tram, the Bono Transbordo can also be used on the bus.

As you can see from the price comparison earlier in this article, if you mainly just take the metro, the Bono Transbordo is more expensive than the TuiN card. But, if you often combine metro and bus rides this might be a cheaper option because the Bono Transbordo allows transfers from one to the other.

Is the Metro in Valencia Worth Using at All?

As I said, I don’t use the metro all that much.

If you are looking for transportation from Valencia airport to the city center the metro is definitely your best option. But if you are staying in the center of Valencia you will hardly need the metro.

So if you ask me how to get from Valencia airport to the city center I’d definitely say by metro. After that, you might use the tram to get to the beach and the metro once or twice to get to locations further away from the center. But getting around the city itself you’d most likely do on foot or by bicycle.

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Alternative to Valencia Metro Tickets: the Valencia Tourist Card


Love rooftop bars? Check out some rooftop bars in Valencia

Are you planning a short visit to Valencia and want to see and do as much as possible? Then the Valencia Tourist Card might be an option. 

The Valencia Tourist Card gives you unlimited access to the bus, metro, and tram, including your trip from and to the airport.

Apart from that, it gives you free entry to municipal museums such as La Lonja de la Seda (a must-visit!) and several others.

And the card gives you discounts on many of the main tourist attractions in Valencia such as the City of Arts & Sciences, the Hop-on Hop-off Bus, several guided tours and more.

You can buy 3 versions of the Valencia Tourist Card: one for 24, 48 or 72 hours, depending on the length of your stay.

There is also a cheaper Valencia Tourist Card for 7 days that excludes public transport but still gives you free entry to museums and discounts on tourist attractions. And, this card is perfect if you do decide to use the TuiN card for the metro.

Special Thanks to Metro Valencia!

Now, anyone who has lived in Spain, and probably also most people who have only visited Spain, know that Spain isn’t the most efficient country…

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It took me over a month of research, and interviews with four different MetroValencia officials to get all of this information!

Even to many of the MetroValencia staff some of the metro rates, tickets, and best travel options seem unclear. But, they were all incredibly helpful and that deserves a special thank you!

So, whether you are visiting Valencia or living here, I hope my explanation of the Valencia metro and the Tuin card were useful.

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17 thoughts on “Using the Valencia Metro – How to Save Money and Travel More Easily”

  1. Thanks a lot for the info Sanne! That’s truly a lifesaver. One more if I may (and I didn’t see this info on the Metrovalencia website or maybe I wasn’t looking close enough): If I have a Tuin card that runs out, I see that on the internet there’s no option to change the “titulo de transporte” and it only gives me the option to recharge the tuin. Would you know if I could do that (change the ticket basically) at one of the kiosks?

    • That’s a good question! I would try it at one of the machines inside the metro stations first (I’ve switched from Bonometro to Tuin but never tried anything else) and if it doesn’t work or you can’t figure it out, just go to the ticket office. They can definitely change it for you there. Their Spanish is often limited so you might want to write down what you want and Google translate it if you don’t speak any Spanish.

  2. Do you know if there is any window of time that you could let’s say hop on a tram while getting out of the metro and still be charged just one trip rather than twice? (one per each, tram and metro)

    • Hi Stefan,
      According to the information on the Metro Valencia website it depends on how far you are traveling:
      If you are staying within 1 or 2 zones, you have 90 minutes from the moment you first check in.
      If you are traveling in 3 zones you get 120 minutes and 4 zones is 150 minutes.
      I hope this helps 🙂

  3. Thanks for putting this article out, Sanne. Very detailed, well-planned and great helpful images!

    All the options are quite confusing. Personally, I am more interested in the convenience of having one (not multiple) durable plastic, rechargeable card that I can use on the bus, metro and bikes and having the flexibility to go anywhere (including to the end of the metro lines) than I am in saving money. I mostly walk and have my own bike so it doesn’t amount to alot for me. Unfortunately, the TuiN card doesn’t work for me because I do sometimes use the bus and don’t want to juggle two cards.

    Question: I have the plastic Mobilis card which I routinely top up in 10€ increments. I know I can use it for the metro and bus. Can I use it to go outside zone A? Can I use it to go to zones C and D and return? Can I use it without restriction on the metro and tram lines? Can I use it to go to and from the airport? Or do I need to load a certain type of credit on the Mobilis card to do some of these things?

    • I know, it is quite confusing!
      So the mobilis card essentially is just a card. What you can do with it depends on what type of credit you put on it. If you load it with 10 Euros it sounds like you chose the TuiN option. But you can check at one of the machines at metro stations how much and what type of credit you have.
      If you didn’t put TuiN credit onto it you probably selected a specific zone. Then, you can only use it for that zone. So let’s say you chose zone A, then no, you cannot go to zone C or to the airport. That’s why I like the TuiN: with that you can at least go anywhere on the metro and tram lines. The only downside is that then you can’t load the Bonobus on it, so you’ll need a different card for the bus (or pay the bus driver on the bus, which is more expensive but might be ok for you if you only sporadically take a bus).
      So no, unfortunately Valencia doesn’t offer one rechargeable card that you can use for everything (= going anywhere on the metro, take any bus and have Valenbisi). I have no idea why not because technically it shouldn’t be complicated to do.

  4. Thanks for this amazing information. One question. If you do not have enough money on your card by accident then what happens?

    Also – I think if you want to top up your card online then it’s all in Spanish unfortunately.

    • That is a very good question and I have wondered that as well… There is almost always a ticket office right next to the gates that may not open if you don’t have enough money on your TuiN card so they will help you out. But, because I do worry about what happens I check how much money I have left before I check in if I’m not sure. There are these special poles to check your card so that you won’t have to wait at a ticket machine.

      I don’t recharge online because I don’t want to register my card but if it’s only in Spanish then maybe have your browser translate it to English? I’m assuming it’s pretty intuitive anyway (although with Spanish website that’s not always the case 😉 )

  5. Hi, thanks for the very detailed info. What’s unclear though is how would -say – two – persons use a single TuiN card and get through the gate. The first person gets through then the gate presumably closes. What do you do? Reach back and hand the card over to the next person? And what if there are even more using the same card?


    • Hi Peter,

      Yes, that’s exactly how sharing a TuiN card works: tap your card, walk through the gate, wait for it to close again and then pass the card on to the person behind you. You can do that with up to 60 people.

  6. Thank you, much appreciated. However I couldn’t find actual information on the savings to be had on the metro if retired using your provided link.

    • Hi Belinda,

      I know, it’s not easy to get clear information from Metro Valencia.
      This page says that retirees get a 50% discount on normal fares: https://www.metrovalencia.es/wordpress_en/?page_id=304

      What I would do is go to the Colon metro station (I’ve been sent here before because it’s seen as one of the main stations and staff there seem to know the most). Ask the ticket counter there to help you get the retiree discount.

      I hope that works and if so, please do share any useful information you get about special retiree cards or discounts 🙂

  7. Thank you for this info! To me the most valuable piece of info is that you can use one card for multiple people… I did not know that!

    Looking at the fares comparison – even if I don’t use the metro in town at all, it will still be cheapest to buy a TuiN card to travel from and to the airport together with my partner – just €11 for the card loaded with €10 for travel, instead of 4 x 3,70 = 14,80.

    Love the fact that the paper cards are reusable in Spain – unlike the single-use tickets in the Netherlands.

  8. Hahaha that made me laugh out loud!! Thanks Mike, it took me SO MUCH TIME to work all of this out so I am very happy that it’s useful! 🙂

  9. Oh my word! Salvation! I can’t thank you enough for making sense of this for me. It always seemed to me that the Valencia transport system was arranged by a couple of groups of people who never actually talked to each other and were probably drunk as well!
    Now I understand, it, it’s is actually a very generous travel system but until this article, probably Valencia’s best kept secret.


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