Visiting Valencia: The Complete Travel Guide

I have written many articles about visiting Valencia. From things to do in Valencia to where to stay, the best restaurants, and much more.

Valencia has been my home for a few years now and I love sharing tips to make your trip to Valencia the best it can be.

So, to make it easier for you, this is an overview of all the articles I have written about visiting Valencia.

Visiting Valencia: Everything You Need to Know for a Perfect Trip

1. The Best Things to Do in Valencia

visit Valencia

When you are planning to visit Valencia, you probably want to know what the highlights of the city are

And maybe a few hidden gems too.

In this article I give you a very practical list of things to do in Valencia. From sights to see to what to eat.

Valencia really is a beautiful city with a lot to offer. And, even better, many of the things I list to see and do are free!


2. Things to Do With Kids in Valencia

young girl playing on the beach in Valencia

Are you visiting Valencia with kids?

Then you’ll be happy to hear that there actually is a lot to do in the city to keep your kids entertained.

From museums focusing on kids to one of the most unique playgrounds you’ve ever seen…


3. Where to Stay in Valencia: the Best Neighborhoods & Hotels

where to stay when visiting Valencia

Valencia isn’t the biggest city you will ever visit, but it’s definitely big enough to have very distinct neighborhoods with different vibes and different pros and cons.

What the best place to stay is for you depends on your preferences.

In this article I share the best neighborhoods and hotels to stay in, depending on what you want to see and do in the city.


4. How to Use the Metro & Save Money

a metro in Valencia

Figuring out public transport when visiting a new city can be a pain.

Valencia only has a few metro lines so figuring out which one to take to where you want to go isn’t too difficult. Deciding which ticket to get gets a little bit more complicated though, especially if you don’t want to pay more than you have to.

In this article I explain how to use the metro when visiting Valencia, and specifically how to use the TuiN card, which can save you a lot of money.


5. The Best Tapas Restaurants in Valencia

a tapas bar in Valencia

You can’t come to Spain without trying some tapas, right?

Valencia has a wide range of tapas places and some are definitely better than others.

If you’re visiting Valencia for the first time you’ll quickly end up in the touristy bars and restaurants who often charge too much for low quality, inauthentic food.

Therefore I wrote this article to help you find the better tapas bars around the city.


6. The Best Rooftop Bars in Valencia

a rooftop bar in Valencia

It might just be me, but I love going to rooftop bars when exploring a new city.

It’s both a nice break from sightseeing and a great way to get a view of the city.

Valencia has a number of nice rooftop bars and I have been to all of them many times.

In this article I list all of the rooftop bars and their pros and cons.


7. The Best Paella Restaurants in Valencia

paella and wine
Picture by Restaurante Bon Aire – Valencia travel guide

Did you know that Valencia is the birthplace of paella?

So when you visit Valencia you definitely have to try some paella!

But the same as with tapas restaurants, many tourists visiting Valencia end up at restaurants that serve low quality paella and cater just to tourists.

Spoiler alert: most of the best paella restaurants are not in the city center or close to any of the must-visit sights.

So, you might have to factor in some extra time to get to these restaurants, but if you like authentic experiences I promise it’s worth it!


8. Taking a Paella Cooking Class in Valencia

a paella cooking class

Looking for something special to do when you visit Valencia?

Then I can highly recommend this paella cooking class!

It takes you to the local market to buy fresh ingredients and teaches you everything there is to know about this traditional dish.

Note: apart from the traditional paella you can also choose to cook a vegetarian or a seafood paella.


9. The Best Restaurants for Authentic Chinese Food in Valencia

chinese food

Ok, tapas and paella are great, but after a few days of that, you might want to try something else.

And, Valencia has its own Chinatown with some great restaurants that are well worth checking out!


10. Camping Around Valencia

a campsite in the Comunidad Valencia

Although there are no campgrounds in the city itself, there are actually great options to go camping in the area.

Camping is very popular along the Spanish coast, especially as a summer vacation.

But not all campgrounds offer the same quality and facilities, which is why I wrote this article.

The article includes information about where to camp, rules & regulations, and a list of recommended campgrounds.


11. The Best Day Trips From Valencia

a day trip when visiting Valencia

I’d say a complete Valencia travel guide should include some information about the surrounding area too.

Valencia is a great city to visit in itself. But if you have the time these day trips will give you a much more diverse experience.

From castles worth visiting to hikes, wineries, beaches and more.


12. Celebrating Las Fallas in Valencia

Las Fallas in Valencia

If you happen to visit Valencia in March you have to check out this festival!

Las Fallas is truly unique… It starts with fireworks and giant street parties and ends with the burning of impressive statues that took a year to build.

Valencians are very proud of this festival and as a visitor it gives you an interesting look into an important part of their culture.

In fact, Las Fallas is such an important festival that it even made it onto UNESCO’s World Heritage List!


Useful Articles About Spain

If you are visiting Valencia, you might find these articles about Spain helpful as well.

1. Things to Know Before Traveling to Spain

things to know before traveling to Spain

In this article I answer some of the most frequently asked questions about visiting Spain.

From questions about safety and prices to dos and don’ts when in Spain.


2. The Best Time to Visit Spain

historic buildings in Spain

Spain is a diverse country and the best time to visit depends both on where you want to go and what your reasons for visiting are.

This article explains it all.


3. Famous Spanish Food You Should Try

churros with chocolate sauce

If you are anything like me, part of your reason for visiting Valencia, or any new place, is to try the local food.

And apart from paella and tapas there are quite a few other Spanish delicacies worth trying.


4. Christmas in Spain

Christmas in Spain

Celebrating Christmas in Spain is a bit different from celebrating Christmas in most other countries.

For starters, Christmas here lasts 14 days!

So if you plan to visit Valencia around Christmas time you might want to read this article to find out more about how Christmas is celebrated here.


5. Facts About Spain

Spanish flag

Do you want to know more about Spain and the Spanish? Then this list of facts about Spain is for you.

From useful to surprising and some shocking facts…


Have a Great Time Visiting Valencia!

Enjoy your trip to Valencia and feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions about this beautiful city.

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