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15 Things to Do in Valencia with Kids – Map Included

Valencia is a very family-friendly destination and has some great things to do for kids.

If we talk about beautiful cities with warm and pleasant weather, tasty cuisine, memorable locations, natural environments, and the most exciting attractions to enjoy, Valencia definitely stands out.

When it comes to family’s and children’s leisure, Valencia offers many diverse locations to visit; outdoors in the sunshine, places of cultural activities, or chances to enjoy fabulous playgrounds.

Valencia is undoubtedly one of the more children-friendly cities in Spain, and I have been enjoying exploring this Mediterranean city with my son for three years now.

For that reason, I wanted to share with you a list of the best things to do in Valencia with kids.

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15 Top Things to Do in Valencia With Kids


1. Science Museum (Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe)

Top things to do in Valencia with children: science museum

Located at the City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias), this modern architectural marvel has different scientific areas specifically designed for the enjoyment of children.

The Principe Felipe Science Museum is the perfect place to visit with kids. It offers an interactive experience with the most outstanding aspects of the scientific universe.

Enjoy different experiments and exhibitions, learn, and have fun at the same time!

The diverse activities this museum offers aim to rouse the curiosity, critical thinking, and interest in everyone, and this program encourages children’s involvement in an entertaining approach to science.

And although it doesn’t rain often in Valencia, this is one of those perfect things to do in Valencia with your kids on a rainy day!

2. Bioparc – Valencia’s Unique Zoo

Things to do in Valencia with kids: the Bioparc, Valencia's zoo

Quite different from any other zoo, here, animals do not live within enclosures. Instead, they live in natural, open spaces, very similar to their own habitats.

You will find species classified according to their place of origin, and your kids will be able to enjoy a beautiful, natural environment while appreciating a great diversity of fauna; giraffes, elephants, gorillas, lemurs, lions, and many others.

The Bioparc also offers a nice seating area with a playground, where you can rest and enjoy a meal or a coffee.

The service, the organization, the beautiful surroundings, and of course the amazing creatures will definitely make you enjoy this day in Valencia with your kids.

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3. Oceanografic

A must visit in Valencia, Spain: The City of Arts & Sciences - Oceanografic

The Oceanografic, also located at the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, is one of the biggest aquariums in Europe.

It displays different environments representing the most important ecosystems of the ocean. You will be able to appreciate -up close- dolphins, penguins, crocodiles, sharks, jellyfish, many diverse species of fish, and more.

And, after viewing so many different aquatic animals, an underwater restaurant awaits where you can have a delicious meal while still viewing numerous species as they swim around you.

An amazing place for the whole family, to enjoy sea life without getting wet!

4. Gulliver Park

Gulliver Park
Picture by William Warby – things to do in Valencia with kids

This fantastic park is one of the first things Valencian’s suggest when you ask what to do in Valencia with kids.

Located in the Turia Gardens (Jardines del Turia), this large playground represents Gulliver, from the story “Gulliver’s Travels” tied to the floor in the country of Lilliput.

Here, your kids can imagine that they are tiny people, climbing on a giant like real Lilliputians! What could be more fun?

Filled with numerous slides, stairs, ramps, and surrounded by many green areas perfect for resting and picnics, it’s an ideal place to visit. And the best part—the entry is completely free!

5. Torres de Serranos

Things to do in Valencia: climb one of the city's towers

Built in the 14th century, this is a perfect representation of old medieval Spanish architecture. It is one of the two remaining fortified gates of the ancient wall of Valencia.

This is a fantastic piece of history and worthy of a visit with the entire family. You can climb the stairs to the top, from where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the city of Valencia and of the Turia River.

Nearby you’ll find restaurants, cafés, and a playground area for kids.

6. Beach with a Playground in Patacona Beach

a playground for kids at Valencia's Patacona Beach

Going to the beach is an exciting activity for the entire family, and with kids, what could be more fun than a beach-side playground?

At Patacona beach, your children will have the most fun imaginable while you enjoy the sea breeze and the pleasant environment.

Nearby restaurants and cafés ensure a place where you can enjoy a great meal, rest, and watch your kids safely play!

7. Cycling Through the Turia Park With Four-Wheel Bikes

Traveling to Valencia? Check out Turia Park

Great for a family day in Valencia, in the Turia Gardens (also called Turia Park) you will find an amazing trail to cycle with your kids.

Spend time together while exercising and exploring this long, beautiful park.

Outside of the park Valencia also has a good network of bike lanes, making cycling a great way to explore the city.

At the end of your cycling trip, enjoy a picnic or just relax in the lovely gardens with several playgrounds.

8. The Hemisfèric

Things to do in Valencia with kids: watch a movie at the Hemisferic

Located at the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, this building is quite amazing. The entire structure represents the imagery of an eye, the outside reflected by the pool that lays around it.

Inside the building you can find a movie theatre with IMAX and 3D technology, where you and your kids will be able to watch films and documentaries. 

After visiting the Oceanografic and the Science Museum in the City of Arts and Sciences, you cannot miss the magic of the Hemisfèric. Here, your children can enjoy a screening about dinosaurs or other cool themes while you sit back in the comfortable armchairs of the stunning cinema room.

Going to the Hemisfèric is also a great activity in Valencia on a rainy day!

Things to do in Valencia with kids: enjoy activities on the water

Tip: during most of the year you can find giant so called ‘water walking balls’ in the water surrounding the Hemisfèric.

Kids can climb into these balls and walk on the water… This is a perfect way to give your kids a unique experience in Valencia and tire them out!

9. Centre del Carme

Things to do in Valencia with children: Centre del Carme

This historic and beautiful building used to be a convent in the 14th century. Nowadays, it is a museum and the perfect place to take a break from exploring the city, to enjoy an interesting art exhibition.

Centre del Carme has many beautiful paintings and incredible sculptures on display and has a space called “Espai de Telles” specifically designed for babies and toddlers to explore. You can breathe in peace and quiet while your kids do the same.

10. Relax at Ubik Café

What to do in Valencia with kids: visit Ubik cafe & library

This Café and library is a cozy place with piles of books to read while enjoying a coffee and a nice meal.

Its spacious facilities, quality service, and friendly staff will make you feel very comfortable and relaxed while your baby or toddler enjoys the play area, specifically designed for them to explore.

Ubik also hosts events frequently. You can enjoy concerts, storytellers, recitals, and many more cultural and entertaining activities for both adults and kids.

Note: on Mondays & Tuesdays Ubik doesn’t open until 5pm and on other days it’s open from 12 o’clock. So don’t plan to go here in the morning.

11. LEGO® Fun Factory at Aqua Shopping Center

Things to do in Valencia with kids: Lego Fun Factory
Source: Aqua Shopping Center – Valencia for kids

This exclusive place, located in the Aqua Shopping Center, has a 250 square meter (2690 square feet) exhibition of LEGO®.

The space is divided into two different areas: LEGO® DUPLO, aimed for the enjoyment of the little ones, and LEGO® CLASSIC, designed for older children.

Your kids will be able to construct with LEGO® city, play LEGO® official videogames, “swim” in the giant LEGO® brick pool, and sing with LEGO® friends karaoke.

If you are looking for a fun day for your kids in Valencia, this is definitely one I recommend!

12. Fun Jump Trampoline Park

Things to do in Valencia with kids: trampoline park

If you have an active child, there is no better place to tire them out than at this amazing trampoline park.

Here, children are able to jump freely and play, choosing from different activities such as the Jumping Basket, Parkour, Free Fall, Confrontation Road, the Ninja Challenge, the Foam Rubber Pool, the Climbing Wall, and many more.

Adults also have the opportunity to play and get rid of stress, or simply rest while the kids have fun.

13. Jardínes del Real With the Natural Science Museum

Things to do in Valencia with kids: Natural Science Museum
Natural Science Museum (Museu de Ciències Naturals). Picture taken by Joanbanjo

This garden is located in a quiet corner of the city. It is a breath of fresh air and the perfect place to visit if you are looking for a relaxed morning or afternoon in Valencia.

Jardines del Real is an important landmark because of its cultural and historical tradition and beautiful scenery. You’ll find a wide variety of vegetation and paths, perfect to enjoy pleasant walks.

Inside the park you find the Natural Science Museum (Museu de Ciències Naturals de València), where you can appreciate an impressive Fossil collection and different exhibits detailing the evolution of the planet. There are also diverse interactive areas, where kids will learn new things in an exciting manner.

14. Tourist Bus Tour in Valencia

What to do in Valencia with kids: take a bus tour
Source: Valencia Bus Turistic

Ok, it’s a standard attraction in most cities, but this bus tour is a great thing to do with kids in Valencia.

If you wish to have a complete journey and learning experience through the beautiful city of Valencia, a bus tour is undoubtedly the best choice for the whole family.

Explore the most emblematic places of the city while learning exciting history and facts, all in one trip. And as with most of these bus tours you can choose to hop off the bus in a place you want to explore further and wait for the bus to pass by again.

If your visit to Valencia is short or you do not want to walk endlessly to see all the sights, this tour is an exciting opportunity. You and your children will be able to get to know the city from the comfort of your seats!

15. Eat at “La Mafia Se Sienta A La Mesa”

Where to eat with kids in Valencia
Source: La Mafia Se Sieta a la Mesa

Enjoy a traditional, delicious Italian meal in this elegant restaurant whilst your kids have fun in the nearby play areas.

This classic place offers quality service, and the staff will guarantee that you have a pleasant experience while enjoying a wonderful dish.

Consider this excellent option to eat at after an exciting day visiting memorable places in Valencia, or even just to have a lunch break—your family won’t be disappointed!

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Enjoy Visiting Valencia With kids!

Hopefully this list of things to do and places to visit with your family in Valencia will give you a good start!

If you are looking for more child-friendly locations, please check out my blog Valencia-kids.es.

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Map: Top Things to Do in Valencia With Kids

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Silke Butters

Author: Silke Butters
Silke Holguin-Butters is a mum, originally from Germany and now living in Valencia, Spain. Since her son was born in 2015 she started discovering places for kids in Valencia. To get an overview of those numerous places and to share it with other mums, she created Valencia-kids.es, a website that lists cafés and restaurants with play areas, playgrounds (in and outdoor), museums with kids’ areas, adventure parks and more.

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  1. Hi Priya,

    Of course it largely depends on your kids but roughly I would say:

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    imax: just the duration of 1 movie.
    Valencia’s Bioparc: probably also half a day.
    Gulliver park: This is relatively small so an hour would be enough, depending on how much your kids like slides and climbing.

    Enjoy your trip to Valencia!

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