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travel to Anguilla

Traveling to Anguilla: A Complete Guide

Everything You Need to Know Before You Travel to Anguilla Anguilla is a small Caribbean island popular as a luxury and private getaway for the Hollywood celebrities. St. Barts has the reputation for being the …

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What not to miss in Nova Scotia, Canada

What Not to Miss in Nova Scotia, Canada

What are the must sees in Nova Scotia? Nova Scotia is a province on the Eastern coast of Canada that boasts hundreds of thousands of acres of forests and over 4,000 miles of coastline. With …

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Things to know before traveling to Canada

15 Things To Know Before Traveling To Canada

Thinking about going to Canada in the near future? With bustling cities and wondrous national parks, why wouldn’t anyone want to take in everything this country has to offer! Canada might share a border with …

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10 Things not to miss when visiting Georgia (the country)

Things to Do in Georgia, Europe

Are you thinking about visiting Georgia? I know, many people wouldn’t even be able to point out Georgia on a map. But it’s my home country and I would love to share with you why …

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Aegina: a hidden gem in Greece

Greece: 5 Hidden Gems You Should Visit

I spent a summer working in a bar on the Greek island of Kos. And no, Kos, with its well-developed tourism industry, is definitely not one of Greece’s hidden gems. Spending a summer here however …

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must visit places in Guatemala

The 5 Must See Places in Guatemala

Guatemala is a beautiful country with a rich history. This makes it a great destination with a lot to offer. In this article I want to highlight five must see places in Guatemala you really …

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