A Luxury Trip to Malta – 11 Things to Do in Malta If You Want to Splurge and Treat Yourself

Are you looking for a bit of luxury in Malta? For special things to do in Malta and you don’t mind splurging a bit? Then this article is for you.

Malta is a small archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, located south of the island of Sicily.

And although small, Malta has a rich history and a lot to offer its visitors.

There really is something for everyone here in Malta, including couples looking for a romantic getaway, families searching for a perfect family vacation, adventure junkies or history buffs.

And, if you enjoy the finer things in life, and consider yourself a luxury traveler of note, then you’ll definitely love the following suggestions on luxury experiences to enjoy in Malta.

Whether you are planning a weekend break in Malta or a longer, luxury trip to Malta, sometimes you just want to splurge and enjoy the finer things in life. For that, check out these 11 tips.

11 Luxury Things to Do in Malta

1. A Day at the Spa

luxury things to do in Malta - A spa
Luxury in Malta – a day at a spa

There’s no better way to get rid of that jetlag and set yourself up for a fantastic vacation than a day of getting pampered at the spa.

If that sounds like your forte, be sure to make your way to the Carisma Spa & Wellness. This Spa is situated at the luxurious Intercontinental Malta, which is one of the grandest 5-star hotels in Malta.

Not only did this spa win the Award for the World’s Best Luxury Spa two years running in 2016 and 2017, but they’re renowned for their exceptional service, amazing treatments, using high-quality world-class products, and offering amazing views of the coastline below.

2. Charter a Private Boat

charter a private boat - Special things to do in Malta
charter a private boat – Special things to do in Malta

Hire a private boat or yacht and take it around the Maltese Islands for a truly unforgettable experience.

You’ll get to see all of Malta’s breath-taking scenery while enjoying the peace and quiet of being in the middle of the water.

Some of the stunning destinations that you’ll get to explore include Blue Lagoon, Crystal Lagoon, Mgarr Ix-Xini, San Blas and St.Paul’s Islands.

At an average cost of € 650 when traveling as a group of 12, or € 495 when traveling as a group of 8, it might not be a cheap activity in Malta, but it’s totally worth it!

Especially when you consider that the package comes with refreshments, fuel, insurance, and a skipper.

3. Have Dinner in the Sky

Have you ever savored a five-course meal while being suspended up to 40 meters above ground level?

Well, that’s exactly what you’ll be in for when you take part in one of Malta’s Dinner in the Sky evenings.

These dinners happen right in the heart of Malta to give you breath-taking views of the entire island no matter which side of the table you’re on.

The experience is equal parts thrilling, fun and sumptuous, as diners are treated to a carefully curated selection of local and international wines, an array of decadent cuisine, and a spectacular sunset to boot.

Also, there’s no need to worry about safety, as the team in charge of the whole activity has decades of experience operating the event and has never had an incident in all that time. As long as you listen to what they say and strap yourself in as required, all will be safe.

If you are looking for a unique thing to do in Malta, this is definitely it!

4. Enjoy ‘The Malta Experience’

The Malta Experience is an audio-visual journey that takes you through 7000 years of the island’s history in a way that is educational yet light-hearted and entertaining.

Most people walk out of this show feeling even more excited to explore the best that Malta has to offer.

The best part is that this epic audio-visual spectacle takes place inside a panoramic auditorium in St. Elmo Bastions, which was purposefully built for this very showcase.

Plus, at the end of it, you’ll have a much better understanding of this island and its people, as it shows you how far both have come to create a destination that you will come to appreciate more and more.

And although it’s not one of Malta’s luxury activities, per se, it’s worth recommending here just because it’s a great experience in Malta.

5. Comino Sunset Cruise

Malta luxury: Comino sunset cruise
Comino – perfect for a sunset cruise

As the name implies, this unique cruise to the nearby island of Comino happens at sunset, which means that you’ll be able to explore famous sights like the Blue Lagoon without the hustle and bustle of other tourists.

Plus, the water is at its best at sunset so you can enjoy a nice swim to cap your day off.

Enjoy a relaxing sundowner on the shore, as most boats come with a bar with beverages and snacks, as well as fresh water showers and luxury bathroom facilities.

6. Gozo Jeep Tour

Special things to do in Malta: a Gozo jeep tour
Gozo – an island worth visiting on a luxury trip to Malta

Explore the magnificent sister island of Malta, Gozo, which is famed for having some of the most beautiful destinations in all of the Maltese islands.

Not only are Jeep tours around this island a memorable experience, but they enable you to explore all the hidden and exclusive spots which are often difficult to reach via regular transportation.

You’ll get to see tourist attractions like Simar Valley, Qala Belvedere, the famous Clypso Cave (which is a landmark on Homer’s Odyssey), as well as the Ggantija Temples, Kercem Heights and the Salt Pans.

The Gozo jeep tour includes a proper lunch repast with all the trimmings, ferry tickets and a 20-minute powerboat ride for the more adventurous individuals.

Gozo is a much more private and reserved destination when compared to Malta. It’s the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a day of rest and relaxation – with a little fun thrown in for good measure.

7. Indulge Your Inner Foodie at Caviar and Bull

Where to eat on a luxury trip to Malta
Photo credit: Caviar and Bull – luxury in Malta

If you are looking for a luxury restaurant in Malta, enjoy an unforgettable dining experience at the famed Caviar & Bull restaurant in St. Julian’s.

This exclusive eatery, located at Malta’s luxury Marina Hotel Corinthia Beach Resort, overlooks the pristine waters of St George’s Bay below.

It boasts an exciting, creative menu with the most mouth-watering dishes you can imagine, including Mediterranean inspired cuisine that is simply out of this world.

8. Enjoy a Luxury Tea Experience at Palazzo Parisio

Luxury trip to Malta - unique things to do in Malta
Luxury things to do in Malta: a traditional afternoon tea at Palazzo Parisio

Sip tea like royalty at this regal baroque-styled palace, which was once home to Malta’s finest aristocracy.

Apart from the peace and quiet of the walled gardens and the world-class tea experience, you’ll find many treasures of the past which tell of the very lavish lifestyle that its inhabitants once led.

Palazzo Parisio is definitely the place to go if you want to get away from the crowds for a day and feel like a princess (or prince).

9. Stay at the Xara Palace Relais & Châteaux

Like most other Relais & Châteaux establishments, the Xara Palace does not disappoint when it comes to style, luxury, and service.

Set in a stunningly restored 17th-century palace, this iconic hotel boasts a unique and exclusive setting inside the medieval city walls of Mdina.

With only 17 suites and guestrooms on offer, you can bet that guests are treated to a once in a lifetime experience of extravagance, ease, and impeccable service.

The rooms are exclusively designed with lavish finishes, including private terraces with sweeping views and private Jacuzzis, royal antiques, sumptuous textures and plenty of wonderful landscape views to compliment the time capsule that is Mdina.

The Xara Palace is one of the best luxury hotels in Malta, perfect for a luxury escape to Malta.

10. Book a Helicopter Tour over Malta

Luxury travel to Malta - special things to do in Malta
A helicopter tour over Malta – Special things to do in Malta

Experience Malta from the sky with a helicopter tour while an audio guide gives you the skinny on the sites down below through a personal headset.

Depending on your preferences, this experience can also include limousine rides from your hotel to the hangar and back.

And since most service providers video record the whole experience you’ll have a memento to keep and share with loved ones when you get back home.

If you only want to splurge on one special thing to do in Malta, this would be a good recommendation!

11. Go Horseback Riding in Golden Bay

horseback riding - A luxury trip to Malta
Horseback riding in Malta

As the name implies, Malta’s Golden Bay boasts soft and shimmering golden sands that are set along the rustic and unspoilt Maltese countryside.

Needless to say, the views are out of this world, especially when experienced on horseback.

Most rides happen during sunset which makes it an even more unforgettable experience.

Enjoy Your Luxury Trip to Malta!

Of course you don’t have to be a luxury traveler, nor spend a small fortune to enjoy Malta.

Even if you are visiting Malta on a more modest budget adding one of these special things to do in Malta might just make your trip even more memorable.

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