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Things to Do in Dubai & Day Trips From Dubai – A Travel Guide With Insider Tips

In this detailed travel guide, I want to share with you things to do in Dubai, the best time to visit Dubai, tips for foodies and the best day trips from Dubai.

I’ve been living in Dubai for quite a while now, so I am excited to share my insider tips!

Dubai is an intriguing mix of Arabian heritage and contemporary outlook. I have always been enamored by how some of the fanciest bars in the world coexist with some of the most traditional mosques.

The three years I’ve now spent in Dubai as an expat allowed me to experience the Gulf city’s assortment of experiences.

Luxury? Dubai has got it! Tradition? Dubai has got it! Charm? Dubai has got it!

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Here is a travel guide that takes you through some of Dubai’s bustling hotspots – from Burj Khalifa to Dubai Marina!

Things to Do in Dubai


1. Dubai Mall and Aquarium

Things to do in Dubai: visit Dubai Mall

What to do in Dubai: visit Dubai Mall

divers inside the Dubai Aquarium
things to do in Dubai: visit Dubai Mall and Aquarium

There is no better way to kick off your Dubai trip than by checking out one of the world’s largest malls.

The Dubai Mall is located in downtown Dubai and is home to some of the world’s most popular and premium restaurants, cafes, and bars. One could spend hours marveling at the dazzling array of electronics, fashion and perfume stores in this mall.

But don’t get disheartened if you’re not into window shopping. Dubai mall is also home to one of the world’s largest aquariums!

The 10-million-liter Dubai Aquarium tank located within the Dubai Mall is one of the largest suspended aquariums in the world.

Over 300 Sharks and Rays live in this tank, including the largest collection of Sand Tiger Sharks in the world. Shark diving here is a once in a lifetime opportunity, bringing you within inches of these sea giants. Another crowd-puller here is the 800Kg ‘King Croc’ from Australia.

Not into diving? No problem! You can also book a ticket to walk through the aquarium tunnel to see the fascinating aquatic world.

And, that ticket also gives you access to the Underwater Zoo, where you can get close to penguins, piranhas, seahorses and more. And on top of that, you get to go into the ‘Submersible Simulator’ which takes you on a virtual trip past whale sharks and other incredible marine life.

It’s well worth it but book online to guarantee a spot!

Note: many still call Dubai Mall the largest mall in the world, which it was for a long time. It isn’t anymore though, which you can read more about here.

2. Burj Khalifa

Things to see in Dubai: the Burj Khalifa

Things to do in Dubai: Enjoy the view from Burj Khalifa
Things to do in Dubai: Enjoy the view from Burj Khalifa

Every city has that one super touristy experience that might be overrated but you just have to do it regardless.

In Dubai, it’s the Burj Khalifa. It’s on everyone’s list of things to do in Dubai and therefore my Dubai Travel Guide wouldn’t be complete without it.

Completed in 2010, the tower continues to be the tallest in the world and is an engineering marvel that takes you almost a kilometer into the sky. Once at the top, you can spend time absorbing one of the world’s most beautiful skylines from the observation deck.

After spending time at the top of the Burj Khalifa, be sure to check out the musical fountains at the base of the tower. They’re a sight to behold.

Want a pro tip? Book your Burj tickets online, they’re thrice as expensive at the counter! Go up Burj Khalifa in the evening for the most incredible view. This tour of Dubai by night with Burj Khalifa entrance tickets is the one I’d recommend.

3. Dubai’s Old District

What to see in Dubai: Dubai Museum
What to see in Dubai: the Dubai Museum
What to do in Dubai: visit the Old District
What to do in Dubai: visit the Old District’s spice market
Things to do in Dubai: take a dhow
Things to do in Dubai: take a traditional dhow

If you want to take a break from classic Dubai experiences and want to get down and dirty, you should check out the Old District in Bastakiya (the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood).

With over 200 stalls of clothing, spices, and souvenirs, this market is pure chaos. You could easily spend a couple of hours navigating through the maze, haggling for a knock-off shirt you don’t even really need.

Other must-dos in the area are the Dubai Museum and catching a traditional ‘dhow’ boat to cross the Dubai Creek.

Tip: if you’d rather not explore this part of Dubai alone, or just want to learn more about the history and culture, go on this organized walking tour of Old Dubai. Or, my favorite, this Culture, Coffee and Souks tour.

4. Dubai Marina

things to see in Dubai: Dubai Marina

What to see in Dubai: Dubai Marina
What to see in Dubai: Dubai Marina

Lovingly called the Middle Eastern Times Square, Marina is the heart and soul of Dubai. There is nothing like standing in the middle of it and absorbing its sights and sounds.

The Marina is an overwhelming experience for all your senses.

Marvel at spiraling towers, take a sunset boat cruise or soak up the unique vibe with a falafel in your hand.

You can also rent a bike and ride around the waterfront, stopping only to gaze at skyscrapers that dot the skyline, or the expansive yachts docked at the harbor.

There is a fun (and cheap) speedboat tour to see Dubai from the water. Or, if you want a bit more luxury, there is this private boat tour.

Oh and if you love a bit of adrenaline, did you know you can zip line across Dubai Marina??

5. Kite Beach

What to see and do in Dubai: visit Kite Beach

Kite Beach is the perfect way to experience Dubai’s shores. It’s one of the most scenic beaches I’ve ever seen.

The beach is ideal for swimming and for spending hours of leisure. The water in the Arabian Gulf is usually warm and the waves are smooth. The long, pristine stretch of fine sand is perfect for the water-baby in you.

You will also find several bars and restaurants along the coast that are ideal for getting a drink or two!

6. Burj Al Arab

things to do in Dubai: go to the Burj al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is one of the world’s most luxurious hotels and a very impressive building.

It’s definitely one of the things to see in Dubai!

Of course, staying at this hotel is incredible, but also incredibly expensive.

Thankfully there are other ways to enjoy the hotel and the amazing view.

You are allowed to enter the hotel if you have a restaurant or bar reservation. The most popular options are to buy a SkyView Bar drinks package or their afternoon tea.

Pricey, yes, but this hotel is quite an experience and the view from the SkyView Bar is great!

Alternatively, this dining option at the Al Muntaha restaurant inside the Burj Al Arab or this fine dining lunch inside their Aquarium restaurant are also popular ways to experience the hotel.

Best Day Trips from Dubai


1. Dune Bashing in the Hatta Desert

day trips from Dubai: Dune Bashing

Dubai day trips: Dune Bashing
day trips from Dubai: Dune Bashing

Dune bashing is one of the most popular adventure activities in the Middle East. It is a must for adrenaline junkies who want a taste of the desert.

Strap yourself into a Land Cruiser as a skilled instructor drives you over curvy sand dunes. But, be sure to have a sickness bag handy, it’s called the sand-rollercoaster for a reason!

Apart from dune bashing, entertaining belly dancing and Tanoura performances are staged against the backdrop of the desert and are guaranteed to leave you spellbound.

This experience is one of my favorite day trips from Dubai.

You have many different options depending on how much time you have and what your budget allows.

This 4-hour tour that includes dune bashing and sandboarding is your cheapest option. This more elaborate, 7-hour tour also includes a BBQ at a Bedouin desert camp and a sunset camel ride.

2. Visit Abu Dhabi

One of the best day trips from Dubai: visit Abu Dhabi

UAE’s capital and its second-biggest city, Abu Dhabi is located a mere 90-minute drive from Dubai.

Although the city was late to the party and let Dubai get ahead in terms of tourist attractions, it is catching up quickly and is now home to some of the most amazing activities and adventures in the Middle East.

My favorite spots in Abu Dhabi are the Ferrari World and the Sheikh Zayed Mosque.

The Ferrari world is an absolute must-visit for adventure junkies since it has the world’s fastest roller coaster that goes from 0 to 240Kmph in 4 seconds!

The Sheikh Zayed mosque, on the other hand, is a picture of Middle Eastern calm and tranquility. Built as a tomb for the country’s most popular leader, you will be amazed by the intricate architecture and the spellbinding craftsmanship on display.

You can book a full day sightseeing tour from Dubai to Abu Dhabi which makes this a very easy day trip from Dubai.

Or, if you want to do something unique, check out this seaplane flight from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, which includes a private tour of Abu Dhabi.

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3. Check out Dibba Beach, Fujairah

Located in Fujairah (one of the other Emirates), a couple of hours from Dubai, Dibba Beach keeps a relatively low profile and attracts people who want to get away from the crowd.

The shore is covered in white sand and dotted with beach houses.

The beach also has a playful, festive vibe to it. Most people on the beach are foreigners; swimming, tanning, walking along the shore or relaxing with a drink.

Tip: if you love boat trips and snorkeling, check out this full-day dhow cruise taking you to the coastal waters around Dibba beach. It’s one of the best boat trips I’ve ever been on!

Best Time to Travel to Dubai

Best time to visit Dubai
Best time to visit Dubai

The best time to visit Dubai, or the UAE in general, is during the colder months between November and March.

This is when the Emirates are at their inviting best. You can spend time wandering around malls while also experiencing this country’s great outdoors.

The downside to visiting during this window is that all the popular tourist destinations are overflowing with people.

Getting There and Around

Getting around: great public transport & taxis

You’ll most likely fly into Dubai International Airport or Al Maktoum International Airport.

The city is famous for its public transport and you can get from the airport to downtown quickly and easily using the metro.

Apart from that, the city has an extensive network of buses and water taxis. And even the cabs aren’t that expensive. Or you can rent a car in Dubai.


What to Eat in Dubai & Where to Go for Drinks

what to eat in Dubai

Dubai is famous for bringing together flavors from all over the world so don’t be surprised to find nearly every kind of restaurant here.

You will find some of the fanciest Michelin Star restaurants in the world here, as well as delectable and wholesome street food including shawarmas and falafels.

If you’re a fan of bar crawls, you will be pleased to know that Dubai has an eclectic collection of bars. This is also a fantastic way of exploring new cities, meeting new people and letting your hair down.

My favorite bars are the Belgian Beer Café, where you should try their wide range of Belgian specialty ales, and the Buddha Bar which is world-famous for its Maha Bodhi and Goa Masala.

Tip: if you really want to experience the local food culture, check out this private food tour.

I hope you enjoyed my Dubai travel guide and know a bit more about what to see and do in Dubai now!

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Map of Things to Do in Dubai & Day Trips From Dubai


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