from short trips to traveling the world
& living abroad

from short trips to traveling the world & living abroad

I travel almost constantly: whether for month long “slow travel” trips, short weekend breaks or visits to friends all over the world… I am constantly on the go. And although I love that, it also means I live out of a suitcase most of the time.

And believe me, if you have lived out of a suitcase or backpack for years you know how to pack light and appreciate practical travel essentials!

Anything that is multi-purpose, small, easy to carry and easy to clean scores points with me.

So Here I Want to Share 5 of These Practical Travel Accessories:

1. Travel Tubs

best travel accessories: travel tubs

travel must haves: travel tubs

travel must have accessories: travel tubs

best travel accessories: travel tubs

These travel tubs are just so practical!

I don’t want to carry around my big bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, etc. when I’m only going away for a weekend so I simply transfer some to my Travel Tubs and take those!

And, since I often fly with only carry-on luggage to save on expensive checked luggage I wouldn’t even be allowed to carry my big bottles so these tubs have been great!

The Travel Tubs are also perfect for camping trips, to take to the gym with some lotion or to carry pills in your purse. And, they make great gifts for my travel loving friends! 🙂

Available in 3 TSA approved sizes: 10ml (1/3 oz), 20ml (2/3 oz) and 30ml (1oz)

2. Purse Backpack

travel backpack and purse

multi purpose travel backpack

Every traveler should have this bag!

This is your perfect multi-functional bag: a shoulder bag that expands into a backpack when you need extra storage space.

When traveling you simply can’t bring numerous different bags so having a purse that expands into a backpack is my ideal solution! Plus it is foldable and lightweight so it doesn’t take up much space.

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3. Tote Backpack

travel essential: tote bag and backpack

travel essential: multi functional bag

This is my personal favorite!

Since I often combine business and pleasure during my travels this bag is perfect for me. It’s big enough to hold my laptop and stylish enough to take to business meetings but then it easily converts into a practical backpack I can take on hikes and long journeys.

With all its pockets it’s such a practical bag to hold all my stuff!

Available in 3 colors.

Also check out this great travel bag.

4. Growler

best travel accessories: a growler

top travel accessories: growlers

Bring your favorite beer or beverage with you anywhere!

These bottles are great to keep your drinks cool for hours. With its 64oz (1.9 Liters) size it is substantially bigger than your standard water bottle and therefore especially great to share with family or friends.

You can get a carrier bag and a growler handle separately which makes the bottle perfect to carry with you on trips and outdoor adventures.

5. 3rd Hand Luggage Strap

best travel accessories: a luggage strap

travel essentials: a luggage strap

travel accessories: luggage straps

The perfect travel essential.

I really don’t like having my hands full when I am traveling or navigating through crowded areas. But, I do have certain things I want to carry with me and then I find strapping things to each other a perfect solution.

This luggage strap will pretty much strap anything to your bag, suitcase, etc. I find it ideal to clip on a neck pillow, rain gear, or just my jacket to my bag. Very versatile!

You can buy a wide range of luggage straps here on Amazon.5 Top Travel Accessories You Should Get For Your Next Trip

Where to Buy These Travel Essentials?

All of these products are offered by Taste Drink Go and can be purchased on Amazon5 Top Travel Accessories You Should Get For Your Next Trip.

Designed by travelers, for travelers and that shows!

Taste Drink Go offers such great travel accessories because they focus on simplicity and quality. If you are looking for something that’s functional, looks good and will last then their products are the way to go!

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5 Top Travel Accessories

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5 Top Travel Accessories You Should Get For Your Next Trip

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