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Traveling expands your horizon, in many ways. And often you’ll end up doing something cool, or crazy, such as parasailing behind an old car in India or in this case flying a microlight in Mexico…

I’ve done a lot of interesting activities all over the world. While traveling it seems easier to get out of your comfort zone, to try something new, to take a risk…

So when I spent a few days in Baja California, Mexico last month and saw a tiny microlight take off from a remote beach outside of a small town called Rosarito I just had to find the owner and see if I could fly with him!

As it turned out pilot Luis was actually part of a tiny microlight flight school just off the beach. Perfect! So we made an appointment for the next morning to take off on our first flight in a microlight…

Most things in Mexico seemed to be happening at somewhat of a “relaxed pace” so we weren’t too surprised when our pilot showed up two hours late and then excused himself because he still had to get gas… Ah well, at least now we knew we wouldn’t be crashing because we ran out of gas!

Smartly maneuvering the microlight off a steep hill pilot Luis took the aircraft to the beach while we walked in the same direction. One by one we would be taking off in what to me looked like a motorized tricycle with a wing slapped on top of it… not quite sturdy enough to be called an aircraft really… But, it also looked like more of a real ‘flying and freedom’ experience than any sturdy aircraft could ever give you…

And that is was! Safely (well, hopefully) strapped into my seat behind pilot Luis we started the engine and eventually took off… What an amazing feeling! Because the microlight is completely open you do feel part of the whole flying experience a lot more than when you are locked up inside an airplane. Plus these microlights fly so low and so much slower than any regular airplane that you can really take in the scenery and even wave at the tourists on the beach…


Yes, I just love flying! It makes me feel free. Free to explore the world, free to go wherever I want…

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to take flying lessons with our new friend but some day, hopefully I will.

In the meantime it was a great experience and, another added benefit to traveling to developing countries, where an experience like this would have cost me 100$ or even more in the US or any northern European country, here it set me back only $20!

Really there are so many good reasons to travel the world! 🙂

About microlights

A microlight, also referred to as an ultralight or a trike, is a very light weight aircraft used for sport and recreation. They fly low and slow during the day and good weather conditions. The term microlight or ultralight can include everything from unpowered hang gliders to powered parachutes to fully instrumented, sleek-looking fixed-wing airplanes. The term microlight is mostly used for the type of aircraft I flew in though: the flexwing type which consists of a delta wing similar to a hang glider with a ‘trike’ unit suspended underneath it.

For more information about flying a microlight:


Author: Sanne Wesselman
A traveler, wanderer, digital nomad and entrepreneur. Owner of marketing company A to Z Marketing (Atozmarketing.eu).
I spend most of my time living and working abroad and use this blog to share some of my international experiences and travel tips.

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