16 Things Europeans Find Weird About America

How Europeans See America

I flew to California this summer to visit a friend in San Diego and see what life is like in the USA. Well I can tell you, the Americans do have some strange habits!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Californian lifestyle, that’s why I’m still here. But for a culture that I thought would be so similar to the Northern European one, there are definitely some interesting and often funny differences!

I still don’t know what to answer when the cashier at my local supermarket asks me ‘hi, how are you?’ (does she care? should I tell her about my busy day?) Or where that nice restaurant is when they tell me ‘it’s just 2 miles away’ (how far was a mile again??).

This article offers the perfect list of things Europeans find just a little bit strange about life in America…

It made me laugh because I can relate to almost all of it and I hope it gives you an idea of how Europeans see America.

Things Europeans Find Strange About America

No matter how many times a European visits the States, there are some Americanisms that Europeans simply cannot get used to.

1. How are you as a greeting, not a question

When a sales clerk in the States says “how are you” it’s not a question, but a way of saying “hello.” No matter how often this happens to a European, they will launch into a monologue about their health and well being and ask it right back — and expect an answer.

2. Ice Cubes

Just like Americans are flummoxed by the lukewarm water presented to them in Europe, Europeans can’t wrap their heads around how drinks in the US are full of ice. Plus, the average soda-to-ice ratio is approximately 30:70, leaving any cup empty after a few sips.

3. Free refills

Is this because of all the ice? Europeans will never understand why they are presented with a second cup of soda while the first one is still half full in front of them. What’s even stranger though, is the fact that one can (and does) order a large soda — despite the refills.


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