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When I started looking for information about rooftop bars in Medellin I didn’t expect to find many so I was quite surprised to discover a few really nice ones!

I spent a month in Medellin and made it my mission to try all the rooftop bars I could find. I don’t know if you share this feeling but I just love rooftop bars, especially when I am in a new city. They often give you a great view of the city, beautiful sunsets if you are lucky and not many rooftop bars come without a good cocktail list.

And I have to say that Medellin, “City of Eternal Spring”, does have the perfect climate to enjoy a few rooftop bars!

These are 5 of the best rooftop bars in Medellin

1. Alambique

10 Carrera 41, El Poblado


This is probably my favorite rooftop bar in Medellin because of the relaxed vibe. It is located above an art gallery and with its wooden interior and mismatch of chairs it feels more like a cozy coffee shop than one of those standard, hip rooftop bars. The amount of plants and other greenery is a nice addition, especially in a hectic and polluted city like Medellin.

Alambique doesn’t have a good city view but it does offer great cocktails and excellent food. They also regularly have live music. If you are looking for a casual rooftop bar in Medellin then I highly recommend this one. If you want to have dinner here you might want to make reservations as it does get crowded at times.

Tip: Alambique is a little tricky to find. It’s location on Google Maps is accurate but there is no sign for the rooftop bar. You will see small double doors, painted light blue, with behind that a staircase. That is where you go up to the art gallery and then continue to Alambique.

2. Envy

Calle 9a #37-16, El Poblado


Envy is your typical, trendy rooftop bar. It is expensive compared to other bars in Medellin, but the view of the city is great and it’s a good location if you want to watch the sunset. They offer good sushi and the swimming pool is a very nice addition, especially on one of the many warm days in Medellin. And although it is the type of rooftop bar you could find anywhere in the world, the atmosphere is good and I definitely do recommend at least having one drink here around sunset.

With its upscale ambiance you do want to dress up a bit, especially if you go here in the evening. Envy is located on the roof of The Charlee Hotel.

3. Woka Lounge

Carrera 38 #8-8 Piso 3, Parque Lleras


This is without a doubt the most unique rooftop bar in Medellin! When you enter Woka you don’t enter a bar but some sort of artificial cave… The decor is truly quite original! With lianas, giant (concrete) trees and other artificial tropical elements they clearly want to make you feel as if you are in a dark, jungle type environment.

Yes, it is very artificial and it will probably make you laugh (or that is what it did to me at least) but somehow it’s not too tacky and the ambiance is actually very good.

Woka offers a nice city view and good drinks plus a full dinner menu. Their service isn’t the best but unfortunately that can be said for many bars in Medellin.

If you only visit one rooftop bar in Medellin then I would say visit this one, just because it is so different!

4. Vaggart

Carrera 41 #9-31, El Poblado


Vaggart is located on the roof of Art Hotel Boutique Medellin, in the touristy heart of the city. It fits in perfectly with the hotel by offering a creative, mordern design with different artistic features and a subdued, bohemian feel. After  Envy this is the rooftop bar in Medellin with the best views of the city.

Vaggart offers an extensive menu and feels more like a restaurant with a nice bar than a bar that happens to offer food.

Tip: Google maps shows it as a separate place located next to Art Hotel Medellin. Follow the directions for Art Hotel Medellin since these are correct.

5. Panorama

Laureles location: Carrera 73 con circular 3 – 8
Provenza location: Calle 8 #34-33


Panorama rooftop bar has 2 locations: one in the cute neighborhood of Laureles and one in Provenza, by the more touristy Poblado. Both locations are quite similar: a bit of greenery in a concrete jungle. Neither location has much of a view but both places have been filled with plants and other greenery which almost makes you forget you are in the middle of the city.

I found their dinner menu a bit limited but the food they do offer is great and creative and on Sundays they offer Brunch. The vibe here reminded me somewhat of many trendy Southern Californian restaurants: it feels laid-back enough to walk in wearing flip flops yet then when you look around you you’ll start to feel you should have dressed up more…

As goes for all these rooftop bars in Medellin: prices are higher than in most other bars and restaurants in the city, but you get a great ambiance in return.

3 Other recommended rooftop bars in Medellin

These are 3 other rooftop bars in Medellin that several people recommended. They weren’t my favorites and I therefore didn’t want to include them in my list of best rooftop bars in Medellin. But, they do deserve a mention.

1. Club 1984

Carrera 44 #25-15


If you are into techno and house you will probably enjoy this club. The views from this rooftop bar are quite incredible and there is definitely something to say for dancing under the stars!

They are only open from Thursday until Sunday and it is definitely a club that starts later.

Tip: Club 1984 is not in the best part of town so take a taxi or Uber to and from it. The place is also a bit tricky to find but the location on Google Maps is actually correct. You will find some guy hanging out in front of the door, who will turn out to be the bouncer and will let you in. You then go up some stairs that still give absolutely no indication you are actually headed for the club and not to some sketchy apartment with a group of smugglers looking for gullable tourists… But trust me, it will all be ok! 😉

2. Cafe Ondas

Cra. 81 #45g 52, La Floresta

Best rooftop bars in Medellin: Ondas

Cafe Ondas was recommended to me by many people. It’s a small rooftop bar located on the roof of Hostel Ondas. Having to walk through the hostel to get to this bar to me felt a little bit too much as if I went into a private area of a hostel. Plus there was no bar service on the roof when we were there so we had to walk back down through the hostel to get a drink and then go back to the rooftop bar. It doesn’t offer a good city view either.

But, it does have that typical laid-back hostel vibe and they host regular events plus a weekly language exchange that is very popular.

3. Tabu

Carrera 40 #9-21, El Poblado


If you are looking for a club right in the touristy center of Medellin then Tabu is worth checking out. And because of its location it is perfect to combine this rooftop bar with other bars and clubs in Medellin.

Don’t get here early though. We got to Tabu at 10PM and the place was still practically empty.

The roof isn’t quite high enough to offer a good view over the city, but being where it is in Poblado it does give you a good view of all the tourists down below, so it’s nice for people watching.

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List of the best rooftop bars in Medellin, Colombia. Medellin, nicknamed City of Eternal Spring, is a perfect place to check out some great rooftop bars. From small, casual bars to trendy, upmarket venues. #Medellin #rooftopbar #Colombia #travelColombia


5 Of The Best Rooftop Bars in Medellin, Colombia

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