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5 Must-See RV Destinations in Maine, USA (Go RVing!)

Are you thinking about going RVing in Maine?

Let me just say… that’s a fantastic idea!

Camping in Maine is popular and I would say it is one of the best places to go RVing in the US because of its gorgeous natural scenery, proximity to the ocean, amazing food, and stunning wildlife.

This article will help you plan your RV trip to Maine as quickly and stress-free as possible. I’ll share information about destinations worth visiting and the best RV parks in Maine. Let’s dive in!

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5 Best Maine Destinations to Go RVing

There are a lot of great places to check out in Maine. It was tough to narrow it down to just five of the best destinations in Maine! But we managed to do it, and here they are:

1. Acadia, Maine

Places to visit when RVing in Maine: Acadia
RVing in Maine – Gorham Trail

I can only describe Acadia in one word: Breathtaking.

Between the stunning views you’re rewarded with after a hike (pictured above, Gorham Trail) to the beaches and lighthouses, it’s like you’re in a natural wonderland.

They have mouthwateringly-delicious “popovers” at the Jordan Pond House, plenty to do and see in Bar Harbor (the small town on the island), and even an island you can walk to during low tide!

If you could only pick one place to visit when RVing in Maine, this would be the one. I even proposed to Kayla at the top of Cadillac Mountain at sunrise (the view is incredible)!

Top Campgrounds in Acadia

Here are some RV campgrounds in Acadia:

Mount Desert Campground
Mount Desert is beautiful, but if you want an ocean-front spot while staying there, you have to book a few months in advance.

To stay here your RV has to be 20’ or smaller. They don’t have sites for anything bigger than that. They do also have tent sites available, though!

Seawall Campground
Seawall is a gorgeous campground on the western side of Mount Desert Island. You can reserve sites up to 6 months in advance, but be warned that the RV sites are “non-electric” (meaning you won’t have any water or electric hookups).

2. Bethel, Maine

RVing in Maine, USA - Maine destinations to visit: Bethel
RVing in Maine – Bethel

Bethel, Maine is the first place we ever stayed after buying our first RV. We only picked that place because we could work-camp there (work at the campground to stay for free).

But we were very pleasantly surprised by the area!

The town is small enough to bike from the campground to the local store for groceries or to the park to watch a band or just hang out.

Plus, the ocean is less than two hours away and makes a gorgeous road trip.

Top Campgrounds in Bethel

Two great RV parks in Bethel are:

Bethel Outdoor Adventure and Campground
This is the campground where Kayla and I stayed to work-camp for three months. They have kayaking, water tubing, a private island, and walking access to Bethel!

You can check out our full review of BOA Campground here.

Pleasant River Campground
We’ve never stayed at Pleasant River Campground, but we’ve seen nothing but good things about it!

They have canoe and kayak rentals, a shuttle service, and free WiFi. What’s not to like?

3. Camden Hills State Park

Where to go when RVing in Maine - Camden Hills State Park
RVing in Maine – Camden Hills State Park. Picture: Doug Kerr

If time in nature is your kind of activity, Camden Hills State Park is the place to be.

Many say that Camden Hills is one of the most beautiful places in all of Maine. The picture above shows some of the panoramic views of Camden Harbor and Penobscot Bay. Talk about a great end to a hike!

They’ve also got activities like birdwatching, horseback riding, and snowshoeing in the winter.

But that’s just scratching the surface – there are a lot of other things to do in Camden Hills! It’s definitely worth an RV trip and one of the best RV destinations in Maine.

Top Campgrounds in Camden Hills State Park

Unfortunately, Camden Hills only has one campground:

Camden Hills Campground
Don’t worry, though! Camden Hills Campground is a beautiful place to stay, with amenities including a swimming pool, RV hookups, free WiFi, volleyball, and more.

4. Baxter State Park

RV in Maine - best destinations: Baxter State Park
Baxter State Park – RV in Maine. Picture: Carol Boldt

Clocking in at the fourth best place to visit in Maine when RVing, Baxter State Park is home to Maine’s tallest mountain: Mount Katahdin (pictured above).

If you love to hike, you can’t go wrong with Baxter State Park. The scenery is breathtaking, the hikes are awesome, and you can even go fishing and kayaking.

But the best part? Baxter State Park is the best place to watch for moose in all of Maine! So if you’re coming to the state to see their state animal, this is where you want to go.

Top Campgrounds in Baxter State Park

Ready for your RV trip to this state park? Here are the best RV campgrounds in Maine’s best mountain park:

Abol Bridge Campground
This campground is incredibly unique. It has a store right on site, and you get free hot breakfast during your stay!

However, sites are limited and this place is popular, so you’d better book your trip ahead of time!

Wilderness Edge Campground
During spring and fall, the Wilderness Edge Campground holds ATV wilderness excursions! (Yes, this is just as awesome as it sounds.)

They’re also pet-friendly, they have a shuttle to take you to Baxter State Park (and a few other places), and there’s a brand new playground for your kids! It’s one of the best places to go RVing in Maine.

5. Bristol and Pemaquid Point

RV Maine, where to go: Bristol and Pemaquid Point
RV Maine – Bristol and Pemaquid Point. Picture: Adorme

About 60 miles north of Portland, Maine (an amazing city you should definitely visit) is Bristol and Pemaquid Point.

They’ve got a really awesome lighthouse to check out, sailboat tours, whale watching, and beautiful botanical gardens.

We also recommend checking out Cabbage Island while you’re there – a great spot for hiking, a picnic, and watching the wildlife!

Top Campgrounds in Bristol and Pemaquid Point

Here are some of the best RV parks near this beautiful Maine destination:

Pemaquid Point Campground
The area’s local campground has all the amenities you need, from electric to fresh water hookups and free wifi.

They also have an on-site store and are walking distance to the Pemaquid Point Lighthouse!

Sherwood Forest Campsite
Sherwood is clean, quaint, and beautiful. They have electric and water hookups, free wifi, and excellent reviews. They’re also right near the beach and have great activities like Kayaking!

One unique offering is their seasonal rate of $2,380.00 plus 9% lodging tax. You can stay for the entire summer for about $800 per month if you wanted to!

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Now Go RV Camping in Maine!

As you can see, there are tons of gorgeous places to visit in Maine. The hardest part is picking just one!

Personally, if I could only pick one destination in Maine, I’d go to Acadia National Park. They have all the best things about Maine in one place – beautiful mountain hikes, lake views, rock AND sandy oceans, great places to eat, and more.

Of course, that’s also the place I proposed to my wife Kayla, so I may be a bit biased!

But honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of the places on this list. Maine is an absolutely gorgeous state, with plenty to do and see for outdoor enthusiasts. It should be on your bucket list!

Enjoy RVing in Maine!

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Exploring Maine in an RV

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