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San Diego is a great place for working remotely!

The number of people that can and want to work remotely seems to increase rapidly. Whether it’s employees who don’t have to show up at the office every day anymore, entrepreneurs working on their business ideas or the more recent movement of so-called digital nomads who, like myself, are completely location independent and can live and work from anywhere in the world (as long as there is internet).

Some countries and cities are more suitable for these types of people than others and I have to say, San Diego has so many coffee shops to work from plus great co-working options making this a perfect city for remote workers!

From the large number of coffee shops in San Diego it’s hard to choose just a few top places, but these are the ones I myself and several other remote workers I met in San Diego call our favorites. And not only because of their good coffee but also because they offer good Wi-Fi and enough space and a nice atmosphere to find a comfortable place to set up your office for a few hours:


1. Lestat’s Coffee House on Adams Avenue

3343 Adams Ave
San Diego, CA 92116

Best coffee shops in San Diego to work / study - Lestat Coffee House for working remotely

I love this place! Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and almost always packed with many people working away on their laptops. Although it’s quite a big coffee shop the cozy atmosphere almost makes it feel like you are at home. Plus they offer good coffee, great sandwiches and good Wi-Fi. It can get busy especially around lunch time, plus if you are unlucky you might have to park a few blocks away.

Lestat’s also has a coffee shop on Park Blvd.


2. Jennings House Cafe (previously called Living Room)

1018 Rosecrans Street
San Diego, CA 92106

Living Room Point Loma - best San Diego cafe to work from

I’ve long lost track of the number of hours I’ve spent working from here. Located in a converted home, this casual coffee shop is loved by people who have some work or studying to do. Although it can get quite crowded downstairs, you’ll normally be able to find a quiet spot upstairs. Wi-Fi is good and you’ll find plugs everywhere. Their prices are reasonable, they have a delicious selection of pastries and a good lunch menu.


3. Caffe Calabria

3933 30th St
San Diego, CA 92104

Best San Diego cafe to work or study: Caffe Calabria

Source: Yelp

If you are craving a good Italian cup of coffee this is the place to go! Definitely a step more serious than your neighborhood coffee shop. Their Italian paninis are delicious, and if you happen to be there on Wednesday through Sunday after 5pm you can try their pizza baked in a custom built wood fired oven.

Great place for an early start since they open at 6am on weekdays and at 7am during the weekend. Unfortunately they do close at 3pm on Monday and Tuesday (11pm on other days).

4. Crushed

967 Garnet Ave
San Diego, CA 92109

San Diego best bar to work from: Crushed

Source: Yelp

Crushed is a bar / restaurant and not a coffee shop but this trendy place in Pacific Beach is a good spot to get some work done and either have a delicious brunch or grab a beer while you finish up for the day. Their mimosas are a must try!

Downside: they don’t open until 10am on Tuesdays through Thursdays (8am on other days) but they do stay open until midnight!


5. Brick & Bell Café (Previously Cafe 976)

976 Felspar St
San Diego, CA 92109

Best cafe in San Diego to work / study: Cafe 976

Source: Yelp

Also located in Pacific Beach this charming 1920’s beach house with a nice garden makes a great “office for the day”.

It has a relaxed atmosphere and you will always find people sitting around with their laptop here. The only downside is service can be a bit slow. They are open from 6am until 5.30pm on week days, from 6am until 5pm on Saturdays and 7am until 5pm on Sundays.


6. Te Mana Cafe

4956 Voltaire St
San Diego, CA 92107

Best cafe to work from in San Diego: Te Mana in Ocean Beach

Source: Yelp

Te Mana is a typical Ocean Beach coffee shop with a very relaxed atmosphere. It has a nice patio with tropical plants and an interior that looks and feels like a living room.

They have great breakfast and lunch options and very friendly staff.

Downside: they close around 3pm on weekdays (5pm during weekends), are closed on Wednesdays and can get quite crowded at times making it difficult to find a seat. They do open at 7am though if you are looking for an early start!


7. Cafe Virtuoso

1616 National Avenue
San Diego, CA 92113

best coffee shop in San Diego to work from: cafe virtuoso

Source: Yelp

If you are looking for a good cup of coffee or tea this is the place to go!

Cafe Virtuoso is a local artisan coffee roaster focusing exclusively on fair trade and organic coffees. Their baristas are very friendly and knowledgeable and their choices of coffee are great. The place has a cool, industrial vibe unlike any other coffee shop in San Diego.

The roasterie is open to the public so you can watch coffee being roasted and buy some roasted coffee beans to take home.

Downside: although they open early (6.30am on weekdays) they do close at 3pm. But it’s a great place to start your work day!

8. Krakatoa Cafe

1128 25th Street
San Diego, CA 92102

Krakatoa Cafe: best San Diego coffee shop to work from

Source: Yelp

Krakatoa is a cool little coffee shop with a very relaxed atmosphere, located in a repurposed craftsman house in Golden Hill. The cafe has a sizable patio deck that wraps around the front, side, and back of the building.

They have good breakfast and lunch options and if you’ve had enough coffee then try one of their smoothies!

With their long hours, 6.30am until 8pm every day (apart from Sunday, when they close at 6pm) this is a great spot to get a good amount of work done!


Map of San Diego’s best coffee shops to work remotely
map of best cafes in San Diego to work from


San Diego libraries

Best places in San Diego to work / study - San Diego public library

The San Diego public library has over 30 locations so there is a good chance there is one near wherever you are.

The central library on Park Boulevard is a large, modern library with good Wi-Fi, ample seating and a great selection of books, magazines and newspapers. Most other locations are small and often quiet making them good options as well to get some work or studying done.

The biggest downside of all public library locations in San Diego: they don’t open until 9.30am or even later.

Find all locations and further information here >>

Coworking spaces in San Diego

coworking spaces in San Diego, California


Are you looking for a more permanent spot to work from? Or would you like to network with other remote workers? Then San Diego has a great number of coworking spaces to choose from spread around the city. They can be a bit pricey but most of them do offer a lot of extra services, events and networking opportunities.

Some offer a free day pass so that you can try it out first!

Visit for a list of coworking spaces in San Diego >> 

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San Diego: 8 Best Coffee Shops to Work / Study

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