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I have worked in 10 different countries and will probably add a few more to that list in the years to come.

All of those countries were my home for a while. Be it weeks, months or years, I created a daily routine, built friendships, had favorite dishes and favorite places to spend my free time. And then I left. All of a sudden my every day life was a memory, people I met up with every day were now on the other side of the world. I don’t regret leaving most of the countries when I did but I will forever miss some aspects of every country, parts of the routine I had there and more than anything some of the people I met…

This article gives an interesting impression of what it feels like to leave behind a place you once called home, and especially what it feels like to move back to your home country where everyone expects you to fit in again from day one which is, as I very well know, not always easy…

The 23 Hardest Things About Moving Home After Living Abroad

13: Worrying that you’re bringing up your old country too much, even if you lived there for years, because you know that people perceive it as “pretentious” or “bragging” if you talk about the place you used to live…

Image: picture taken in St. Maarten, Caribbean when I lived and worked on the island

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