The Best Views in Switzerland – Where to Go If You Love the Outdoors & Breathtaking Views

One of the main reasons many people travel to Switzerland is because of the incredible views.

Being smack bang in the middle of the Alps means Switzerland has some of the most magnificent scenery in Europe.

And as someone who has spent the last 15 years exploring this country, I thought I should share some of the most beautiful places in Switzerland with you.

In this article, I will share where to find some of the best views in Switzerland.

Some of these places you might have heard about, many you will not have. Some offer great hiking opportunities, others you can get to without much exercise.

If you love the outdoors and breathtaking views, I am sure you will agree that these are some of the most beautiful places in Switzerland.

Where to Go for the Best Views in Switzerland

I have divided this list into four different areas with a total of 10 places to visit if you want to see some of the best views in Switzerland.


Let’s start with an area that visitors to Switzerland often ignore. Engadine or Engadin is a long high Alpine valley region in the eastern Swiss Alps.

It is a part of the largest Kanton in Switzerland, Graubunden, and is also home to some of the most jaw-dropping scenery in the country.

Not only that, but the large, wide, flat valley running down its center means it is also home to some sports that other areas cannot compete with.

On top of that, there are some spectacular hiking trails that are well worth a day out.

1. Uina Gorge

Best views in Switzerland: Uina Gorge

Uina Gorge is one of my favorites. Located just above Sur En, about half an hour outside of Scuol, the gorge and hiking path cut out of its wall are spectacular.

If you are more adventurous and very fit, you can also make a two-day hike out of it from Scuol, up to the Lischana hut and then a long day over and down through the gorge.

2. Val Roseg (Roseg Valley) From Ponstresina

Best views in Switzerland: Val Roseg

This is a relatively easy hike from Pontresina to the viewpoint up to the Roseg Glacier, but it makes for some great sightseeing.

It’s been a few years since I was there, but we saw icebergs in the lake, that had carved off the glacier.

More fit hikers can make longer trips up this valley, and even overnight in some of the huts in the area.

3. Sils Maria

Best views of Switzerland: Sils Maria

For me, Sils Maria is what St Moritz should have been. Quiet, picturesque, and filled with enough activities to keep you busy for weeks.

It is located right between the two biggest lakes in the valley. So, in summer you can go swimming, stand-up paddling or even kite surfing. In winter, because the lakes freeze over, the region becomes one of the biggest areas to go cross-country skiing.

Of course, there are also ski resorts in the area, but that goes without saying in Switzerland.

Interlaken & The Surrounds

Now, let’s cover an area that many of you will know, or might even be going to on your next trip to Switzerland.

Interlaken stands between two lakes (hence the name), but it is the mountains very close to here that are the main attraction, offering some of the best mountain views in Switzerland.

4. Ski Resort First Above Grindelwald

Most beautiful places in Switzerland: Grindelwald

Some of you might end up staying in Grindelwald instead of Interlaken. And in fact, I prefer that. It’s a stunningly located town right below the most spectacular mountains in the area – Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau.

One of the best ways to get an overview of the area, and some stunning photos, is to take the gondola up to the top of the First ski resort.

Here you can hike to your heart’s content. My favorite, and a quite easy hike actually, is from the top of the gondola to the Bachalpsee. Here you get a smooth reflection on the lake with the Eiger right in front of you.

More fit hikers can keep on going to the Faulhorn, for an even better view. Or, you can overnight there and then go all the way to the end at Schynige Platte.

There are also extra adventurous activities you can do at First, if you just want to make a day of it.

There is the Cliff Walk by Tissot, right below the gondola station, with some magnificent views. Or, there is a heart-thumping zipline that runs just above it.

5. Lauterbrunnen

Best views in Switzerland: Lauterbrunnen valley
Lauterbrunnen Valley – Best views in Switzerland

You are spoiled for choice in Lauterbrunnen, which is just a short train ride from either Interlaken or Grindelwald. Even the train ride there offers stunning views.

However, once you are there you can head in a number of directions.

Up and over to Kleine Scheidegg, via Wengen, home to the Ski World Cup. There is lots of hiking to do there, including a hike I love – the Eiger Trail, which is a half day downhill to Grindelwald.

You can also just do a hike around the town, or up to the iconic Staubbach Falls, above Lauterbrunnen.

6. Mürren & The Schilthorn

Best views of Switzerland: Schilthorn
Best views in Switzerland: The Schilthorn

Mürren is another hidden gem that often gets ignored in the Interlaken region.

One of the reasons might be that it is tucked away at the back of the Lauterbrunnen valley, and a short gondola ride up too. But it’s well worth the journey.

You can spend the night here and take the gondola up to one of the most famous James Bond filming locations, the Schilthorn. James Bond’s On Her Majesty‘s Secret Service not only filmed some legendary scenes here, but also helped fund the completion of the lift itself.

The views from here over to the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau are also superb, as is the hiking around here.


Zermatt – Home Of The Matterhorn

Zermatt is famous throughout the world for one main reason: the Matterhorn.

It’s that very “pointy shaped” mountain that you see all over the internet and in a lot of advertising for Switzerland. It is even emblazoned on the Toblerone chocolate bars and supposedly the reason why it is shaped like a triangle. Although the creator actually denied that.

For us, it is an outdoor playground that you could spend weeks in and still not get bored. And it most definitely belongs on this list of most beautiful places and best views in Switzerland!

7. The Five Lakes Walk

Where to go for the best views in Switzerland: 5 Lakes Walk

The five lakes walk or 5-Seenweg is one of the most popular walks in the area, and for a reason.

This mountain walk from the Pizolhütte to Gaffia will take you just a few hours, but gives you some of the best views in Switzerland. And, at least one of the lakes will give you a mirror reflection of the iconic Matterhorn.

There are other hikes in the area, of course, but this is your “go to” hike if you are short on time but want a bang for your buck.

8. Trip to the Gornergrat

Places to go to for the best views in Switzerland: Gornergrat
The Gornergrat – Best views in Switzerland

Another way to get those jaw-dropping views of the area is to take the Gornergrat train up to the top. Here you’ll get a more distant view of the Matterhorn, but also a more panoramic vista of the whole area.

There are short hikes you can do around the area, as well as simply taking in the scenery from one of the many restaurants.

The Aletsch Glacier

Most visitors to Switzerland will follow a fairly standard itinerary not knowing that they are missing some of the best places in the country. The Aletsch Glacier is one of them.

This is the longest glacier in the Alps at over 23km long. And if you manage to get here, the views are unforgettable!

Because the glacier is so long, there are a number of ways to get a great view of it. Here are some of my favorites.

9. Views From Above Fiesch

Where to go in Switzerland for the views: Fiesch
Fiescheralp in winter

One of the easiest ways to get a 180-degree view of this masterpiece is to take the gondola to the top from Fiesch. I did this with my parents a few years ago and they were blown away. One of the best views in Switzerland for sure!

However, if you had a little more exercise in mind, you can get off the gondola at the midpoint (Fiescheralp) and do a half-day walk to the edge of the glacier. It goes through a long man-made tunnel, so bring a flashlight or headlamp with you. But it’s well worth it, especially if you want to get really close to the glacier.

10. Aletsch Panoramaweg

Most beautiful places in Switzerland: Aletsch Glacier
Aletsch Glacier

Another popular way to take in the glacier is to take the panorama path from Riederalp back towards Fiesch. It will take you most of the day, once you include gondolas up and down, but the views are out of this world.

Be sure to check that it is open before you head out, because recently there were some big land-slips in that area and they had to close the trail.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and get to visit at least some of these beautiful places in Switzerland!

Map of Where to Go For the Best Views in Switzerland

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