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El Valle de Anton, Panama – What to See & Do on a Short Visit

Why should you visit El Valle de Anton?

Good question! Until recently I had never heard of the small town of El Valle de Anton (Anton’s Valley in English).

But, now that I have visited, explored the area and met some very friendly locals, I can tell you that El Valle de Anton is a cute town definitely worth taking the time to visit!

So, let me share with you the highlights of this pretty little town.

Tip: although El Valle de Anton has enough to offer to spend several days, a day trip from Panama City is a good option to see the highlights.

Things to Do in El Valle de Anton, Panama

1. El Valle’s Market

Things to do in El Valle de Anton: handicraft market

A main landmark in this small town is El Valle’s public market, which is open seven days a week, although it is sometimes referred to as El Valle’s Sunday Market.

This colorful open air market offers a nice selection of handicrafts sold directly by the local artisans. You will see most artisans on Sunday and that is also why the market attracts the most visitors on this day.

The indigenous people walk in from the surrounding mountains to sell their wares. These include framed molas (Panama’s most famous native handicraft, part of the traditional dress of Kuna Indians of Panama), colorfully painted trays carved from local hardwoods, figurines carved from soapstone and Panama hats.

Next to the artisans you will find stands selling local fruits, vegetables, and plants.


2. Zip-lining & Chorro El Macho waterfall

What to do in El Valle de Anton: zip-lining in El Valle de Anton, Panama

This is a must-do when in El Valle de Anton!

After a short, easy hike through the beautiful rainforest, you reach the first zip-line. If you are anything like me, looking down and seeing how fast that zip-line goes will probably get you both excited and nervous, but trust me, the staff are great and the experience is amazing!

Soaring through the treetops, you experience a wealth of natural beauty. The steepest of the zip-lines whisks you right past the amazing Chorro El Macho, the largest waterfall in the region.

A memorable experience for both thrill-seekers and nature lovers!

Even if zip-lining is absolutely not for you, a visit is still more than worthwhile. You can skip the adrenaline rush and instead enjoy a nice hike through the beautiful forest, check out the waterfall and end your walk at the chilly (or let’s say “refreshing”) natural pool.

Visit Canopy Family’s website for more information.

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3. Butterfly Haven

The Butterfly Haven in El Valle de Anton is great for nature lovers, families, and anyone with an interest in ecology.

This attraction offers a short but lovely insight into the various butterflies found in the region.

The tour takes under an hour so you can easily combine it with other activities. Centrally located, you can walk to Butterfly Haven from El Valle’s main street.

Go to Butterflyhavenpanama.com for more information


4. El Valle’s Public Hot Springs & Mud Bath

Things to do in El Valle de Anton - El Valle de Anton hot springs, Panama

Bathe in hot thermal water pools at the village’s thermal springs and indulge in a therapeutic volcanic mud bath with the volcanic healing clay, said to be extremely good for the skin.

Don’t expect too much, the facilities are basic and it can get crowded at times but it’s worth checking out while visiting El Valle de Anton.

The natural surroundings are, like anywhere else in this area, beautiful.


5. Hiking Around El Valle de Anton: La India Dormida and the Cloud Forests

What to do in El Valle de Anton - hiking in Anton's Valley, Panama

There are two hikes with mountain scenery around El Valle de Anton.

The first is a hike to the top of La India Dormida (the sleeping Indian woman) mountain. You can see this mountain from the town center and if you look closely you can see it: it looks exactly like a sleeping woman.

La India Dormida comes with an interesting legend: Flor del Aire, daughter of Urraca, the most successful Chief in Panama fighting against the Conquistadores, fell in love with one of the Spanish soldiers. Yavari, one of the strongest fighters of her tribe, vied for her affection. When she did not return his love, in despair, he jumped to his death from a mountain top before the Princess’ eyes. In sorrow Princess Flor del Aire left her home.

She crossed mountains and valleys bitterly weeping over her fate. Above the beaches of the Caribbean she fell dead looking back at the beloved mountains where she was born. The mountains were so touched by this sad love story they decided to form the shape of the Princess, and that is how the India Dormida arose.

The hike takes around 3 hours and has spectacular views of the valley. To cool off at the end you can take a swim in a beautiful natural pool.

The second hike is a nature hike in the cloud forests of Gaital National Monument nature preserve.

The Gaital National Park covers 335 hectares (827 acres) on the northern edge of El Valle. The Spanish name of the park is Monumento Natural Cerro Gaital.

The peak of Cerro Gaital rises more than 1,200m (3,500 feet) above sea level. On a clear day, one can see both oceans: the Pacific and The Caribbean.

The hike up and back takes two to three hours, depending on how much bird-watching you do.


6. El Valle’s Spa at Caracoral Hotel

Things to do in El Valle de Anton Panama - spa treatment

In need of some relaxation? Then visit the Spa at Caracoral Boutique Hotel. Somewhat pricey but they offer a good selection of massages and other treatments.

Professional, friendly staff and a lovely property. The surroundings are peaceful with a beautiful outdoor thermal swimming pool.

Address: Av los Millonarios, El Valle de Antón, Panama

And if you are looking for where to stay in El Valle de Anton, Caracoral Boutique Hotel is a good option. Another hotel I really enjoyed is The Golden Frog Inn.

Enjoy Visiting El Valle de Anton!

I hope this list gave you an idea of things to do in El Valle de Anton and why this town is worth a visit.

I’ll end this article with some information about El Valle de Anton, it’s unique location and other useful information.

About El Valle de Anton

about El Valle de Anton, Panama

El Valle de Anton, often referred to simply as El Valle or in English, Anton’s Valley, has a geologically unique setting: it is nestled in the second largest volcano crater in the world

The five by three mile crater was created when a volcano blew up five million years ago. Initially a crater lake, the valley was gradually populated by indigenous tribes from the surrounding mountains.

With a population of 8,000, this small, picturesque town, just two hours from Panama City, is a great getaway from the hustle and heat of the city.

You can book day trips to El Valle de Anton from Panama City online.

Some of the people who own properties in the heart of El Valle de Anton are wealthy people from Panama City who use the area as their vacation or weekend home.

Popular activities in the area include cycling, hiking, horseback riding, and birdwatching (El Valle is home to around 500 species of birds).

The rich volcanic soil makes this area extremely green and filled with wildlife. It is home to the famous near-extinct Golden Frog.

With an almost perfect year-round spring climate, any time of the year is therefore a good time to visit El Valle de Anton!

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