Sustainability is a hot topic that is having its effects on the travel industry as well

“Green hotels”, “sustainable travel” and “ecotourism” are terms that are widely used by marketing and PR people these days. But what does it really mean? Can you rely on these sustainability claims or are they just marketing tricks?

This is an interesting article and a useful website if you are interested in conservation, sustainability and ecotourism

Green Travel Explained: The difference between “Sustainable,” “Eco,” and “Green” Tourism

Have you ever heard the term “green hotel”? How about “sustainable resort” or “eco-friendly tours”? The green travel market can be difficult to navigate with so many terms being thrown around. Businesses sometimes use these terms dishonestly in an effort to appeal to a growing movement of conscientious travelers without actually having any environmentally or socially responsible policies in place. Here, we hope to shed some light on what these terms really mean… >>

Some other interesting websites about ecotourism and sustainability: – The Nature Conservancy – The International Ecotourism society – Eco Adventures – Global certification for sustainable tourism

Image: picture taken when I visited the island of Saba, one of the more unspoilt islands in the Caribbean

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