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Is Mallorca Worth Visiting?

Mallorca has a bad reputation. It is seen as a cheap holiday destination; a party island overrun by young tourists wanting to get drunk every night.

And ok, I have to admit I eventually did find them: loud British tourists ordering their first beer at 11am and, even more embarrassing to me as a Dutch person, large groups of Dutch boys, barely old enough to legally drink, showing off their decreasing condom supply as their vacation progresses…

But, it took me over two months of living in Mallorca to first come across this type of tourism.

So yes, if you are looking for a cheap party destination Mallorca might be an option, but thankfully Mallorca has much more to offer than the infamous areas of Magaluf and El Arenal. And that is what I want to share with you in this Mallorca travel blog.

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Mallorca or Majorca?

Mallorca or Majorca

Palma de Mallorca – Is Mallorca worth visiting?

Ok, before I tell you more about Mallorca, let me answer the two questions I get the most: “Is it Mallorca or Majorca?” and “Is Mallorca Majorca?”

Yes, Mallorca and Majorca refer to the same island. But the correct spelling is Mallorca.

Majorca with a j has been widely used by the British and although not correct, somehow it stuck when Mallorca became more popular as a tourism destination and these days you will even see it in big advertising campaigns.

The ‘double l’ in Spanish is pronounced as a “y” in English, but in some Spanish accents it also sounds a bit like a “j”, so perhaps that’s where it comes from.

Anyway, just remember it is Mallorca, not Majorca.

The Island of Mallorca and Why You Should Visit It

Mallorca is the largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands, with a long and fascinating history.

Its current population is over 500,000 with most living in and around the city of Palma. This number increases dramatically during the summer months, when many seasonal workers and tourists descend upon the island.

Mallorca Is a Gorgeous Island, Largely Unspoilt, with Beautiful Scenery

visiting Mallorca and its unspoilt scenery

The rich and famous have been visiting Mallorca for generations and consequently the island offers a large number of unique luxury accommodation.

Mallorca’s hotels range from beautiful historic buildings that have been converted to provide every modern convenience, to charming fincas (converted farmhouses) in the countryside and comfortable villas throughout the island.

It’s true that some of Mallorca’s coastline has been taken over by resorts but these do tend to be very self contained and are easily avoided if parties & crowds are not your thing.

There are vast stretches of beach, particularly in the south, where there has been no development.

Tip: If you are looking for a hotel in Mallorca I recommend checking for a wide selection and the best deals.

Majestic limestone cliffs plunge into the translucent sapphire- and turquoise-hued waters of the Mediterranean for the length of the island’s western and northern coasts.

Vast plains carpeted with almond trees, olive trees and vineyards stretch across the interior. And yachts drop anchor in idyllic inlets along the eastern and southern coasts, that are otherwise only accessible on foot.

Mallorca’s rich history still shows in all the wonderful buildings. Especially capital city Palma de Mallorca is a must-visit for anyone who loves architecture.

The rich cultural history has left many sights to explore throughout Mallorca though, with castles & ruins, cathedrals & monasteries, grand manor houses & gardens, and a host of art galleries and museums.

The stunning scenery throughout the island and its moderate climate make it a popular island for hiking, cycling and all sorts of water sports. The warm & dry climate is perfect for golfers and there are around 20 golf courses on the island.

Each Region in Mallorca Has Its Own Particular Appeal

Soller, one of the towns worth visiting in Mallorca

Soller: a town worth visiting in Mallorca

Visit the northeast of Mallorca for history, the east coast for beaches and caves, the north and west for spectacular mountains and picture-postcard villages.

If you are visiting Mallorca and want to explore ‘the real Mallorca’ I would recommend renting a car because public transport is somewhat limited.

Visit as many of the different towns as you can. Drive along the coast for some amazing views of the Mediterranean and make sure not to miss the Serra de Tramuntana (Tramuntana mountains) with its picturesque villages and amazing winding roads.

Serra de Tramuntana

The Serra de Tramuntana runs along the north-western coast of Mallorca, from the town of Andratx in the west to Cap de Formentor in the north-east and was awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO in 2011.

It covers around 30% of the island’s territory and more than 1,000 km2. The scenery is characterized by bizarrely shaped limestone rocks, pine woods and grass with some, partly abandoned, fincas (farmhouses) in between. The coastline is steep and has several small, rocky bays.

Mallorca is a Good Year-Round Destination

visiting Mallorca year round

Mallorca tourism is year-round

Mallorca has well-maintained roads and excellent travel connections to the rest of Europe and mainland Spain, by air and by sea, making it an easy destination.

Although it does get quieter after the summer months end, Mallorca is a year-round destination.

I would recommend visiting Mallorca before or after the summer months (June until August) if you want to avoid the crowds.

Mallorca Tourism

Mallorca with its rich culture, history, beautiful scenery and good climate has welcomed tourists since the early 1960s and today is more popular than ever.

Fortunately, most of the mass tourist market is confined to the southeast corner and the rest of the island is largely unspoiled.

Mallorca’s Food and Culture

Mallorca's food and culture

Mallorca has perfected the art of coastal living, with Mallorcan food (including the freshest seafood), wine (vineyards are rarely more than an hour away) and natural attractions at the center of the whole experience.

All across the island, locals are returning to their cultural roots. Going for quality instead of quantity, the island’s old manor houses, country estates and long-abandoned farms have sprung back to life as refined rural retreats.

Food is also at the heart of this revival, with the island’s chefs – inspired as much by their Mallorquin grandmothers as by the innovative trends of Mediterranean nouvelle cuisine – revitalising the mainstays of the Mallorcan kitchen.

Places to Visit in Mallorca

Port de Soller - a must visit place in Mallorca

Port de Soller, Mallorca

Some of the places to visit in Mallorca, in my opinion, are:

  • Palma de Mallorca – the beautiful capital city
  • Port de Soller – one of the nicest coastal resorts
  • Valldemosa – the most gorgeous village
  • Alcúdia – because of its Roman remains
  • Cap de Formentor – for its breathtaking views
  • Puerto Portals – with its beautiful luxury marina

Once you’ve seen this side of Mallorca I’m sure you’ll hate having to leave!

So, Is Mallorca Worth Visiting?
One of Mallorca's many beaches

One of Mallorca’s many beaches

Mallorca is a gorgeous island and definitely worth visiting. I have lived in different parts of Spain for years now and seen most of the country. And still I believe Mallorca is one of the most beautiful parts of Spain.

And if you ever get the chance to spend some time working and/or living on this island like I did last summer, definitely go for it!

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Would you like to know more about life on this beautiful island or about Mallorca tourism? Leave a comment below and I will reply asap!

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Mallorca, Spain: Tourist Trap or Beautiful Island?

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