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What to Do in Soller, Mallorca (Spain) – Tips From an Expat

In this article, I want to share with you my tips for where to stay, where to eat & drink and what to do in Soller.

I moved to Soller for a job at a dive center.

One of the great things about moving to a new place is that you get to explore it. Everything you do is a new experience: every street you walk on, every restaurant you go to… Everything is new, to you.

But it’s also a great feeling to, after a while, know what the best places are, where you should and shouldn’t go, etc.

I have been in Soller, on the Spanish island of Mallorca, for over two months now. And I now finally feel I know enough about this town and its surrounding area to write about the things to do in Soller.

About Soller and Its Port, Port de Soller

Port of Soller, Mallorca
Port of Soller – what to do in Soller

Soller is an interesting little village…

The town consists of two parts: Soller and Port de Soller (also called Puerto de Soller, meaning port of Soller).

Soller lies near the north west coast of Mallorca, some three kilometers inland from Port de Soller, in a lush valley of orange groves, surrounded by the ‘Serra de Tramuntana’ (Tramuntana mountains), a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Well maintained and with its narrow streets, tapas bars, a good selection of pastry-shops, and an impressive church right in the center, Soller really is a lovely, cozy little village.

Port de Soller is more of a coastal resort that lives mainly off tourism. It isn’t overrun by tourists though and therefore even in high season Port de Soller has a relaxed, still quite Spanish atmosphere (compared to many other coastal resorts in Spain).

Port de Soller’s beautiful horseshoe bay has a wide selection of restaurants and a great beach.

Both Soller and Port de Soller attract quite a few expats (mainly from other European countries) and it historically had strong ties with France, giving the area a nice international feel.

Although it will get quiet in winter, quality of life here is good both for locals, expats, and retirees.

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Things to Do in Soller

Of course one of the main things to do in Soller is simply enjoying the beach, the great weather, and the relaxed, Mediterranean vibe.

But, there are a few more active things to do in Soller as well:

1. Take the Scenic Tram

vintage tram from Soller to Port de Soller
vintage tram running from Soller to the port – things to do in Soller

There is a cute vintage tram that links Soller to Port de Soller.

This tramway is the only working tram on the island and is known locally as the “Orange Express”. Not for the color of the carriages, but due to the fact that its route meanders from the old town through orange groves to terminate at the harbor at Port de Soller.

Hop on the tram in the port and enjoy a beautiful ride that ends in the center of Soller.

If you happen to be in Soller on a Saturday I would recommend taking the tram to Soller on Saturday morning because that is when the weekly market is held in the center of Soller.

2. Book a Boat Trip

Things to do in Port de Soller, Mallorca
Things to do in Port de Soller

You’re on an island and in a coastal town, so of course, there are a lot of watersports activities in Soller.

I’d recommend booking a boat trip to enjoy Soller from the water.

Mezzo Magic, for example, offers private day charters along the Northwest coast of Mallorca, which include lunch at some of the finest and most exclusive restaurants in the area (including one which is only accessed by boat). Additionally, they have a speed boat and offer water skiing, wakeboarding, fishing trips, dolphin spotting and more.

Tip: If you are visiting Soller with friends or family, this private sailing excursion is a great experience!

3. Go Stand Up Paddleboarding

paddle boarding in Soller, Mallorca - What to do in Soller
my first attempt at paddleboarding – things to do in Soller

Soller was actually the first place I ever tried inflatable stand up paddleboarding.

The bay of Port de Soller with its calm water is a great place to learn. You can rent paddleboards in the bay and take a lesson if you’ve never tried it before.

4. Go Scuba Diving

scuba diving in Soller, Mallorca
scuba diving – things to do in Port de Soller

The reason I moved to Soller was to get my divemaster certification, so I have been scuba diving a lot in Soller!

And although it’s not the best scuba diving in the world, there are some good dive sites around Soller with interesting swim-throughs and small caves.

5. Go Hiking

hiking around soller, majorca
Lighthouse in Port de Soller

Although most people visit Soller to relax by the beach, there are actually a lot of hiking trails around Soller.

The Tramuntana mountains are beautiful and hikes in this area can take you to stunning bays, cute small town, and lookout points with incredible views.

Yes, the beach and the water might be very tempting, but I can highly recommend at least planning one hike while you are here. 

Alltrails.com gives a good overview of hikes around Soller.

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6. Visit Nearby Valldemossa and Deia

valldemossa in Mallorca, Spain
Valldemossa – a perfect day trip from Soller

There are enough things to do in Soller to keep yourself entertained for days, but if you have enough time I would recommend exploring some nearby towns as well.

The two towns I highly recommend are Valldemossa and Deia.

Valldemossa with its rich history, cobblestone streets and nice vibe is perfect to spend half a day.

Deia is smaller and therefore has even more of an idyllic, small-town feel. There are some really nice restaurants in the center of Deia which makes it a great place to go for dinner.

The bay, Cala de Deia, is located a five-minute drive or 30 minute walk from the center and well worth a visit as well. Have lunch or a drink at popular Ca’s Patró March. It can get very crowded there in summer, but it’s worth checking out.

Restaurants in Soller

best restaurants in Soller, Mallorca
restaurant Randemar – where to eat in Soller

There is a good number of restaurants in Soller and Port de Soller to choose from. These are 3 of my favorites:

1. Casa Alvaro

Casa Alvaro is located in the center of Soller in a quiet street just off the main square. This is the place to go to if you are looking for high-quality tapas.

2. Nautilus

This restaurant is worth a visit mainly because of its amazing views. Set on a cliff in Port de Soller this is one of the best places to watch the sunset.

3. Randemar

If you are looking for high-quality food in a beautiful, romantic setting you should go to Randemar. This frontline restaurant is set in an old, converted Mallorquin home and definitely worth a visit.

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Bars in Soller

best bars in Soller, Mallorca, Spain
live music at Cava, Port de Soller

If you are looking for great nightlife Soller and Port de Soller aren’t the best places to be.

There is a large number of good restaurants in Soller and the port, but there is only a limited number of good bars and one nightclub that isn’t even worth mentioning.

These are, in my opinion, the two best bars in Port de Soller:

1. Cava

Located in the bay of Port de Soller Cava is a nice lounge bar with a good selection of cocktails and an impressive number of Gins.

2. Bar Chillout La Base

Hidden behind luxury yachts you find this shipping container converted into a bar. And although it might sound a bit weird, it’s considered by most locals and visiting yacht owners to be the best bar in town.

With good music, cocktails and a nice terrace this is the place to go to for a late-night drink. Unfortunately La Base is only open in summer.

Hotels in Soller

best hotels in Soller, Mallorca, Spain
Jumeirah Port Soller hotel & spa – hotels in Soller

Soller and Port de Soller offer a large number of hotels with a wide range of prices. But, if you are happy to splurge a bit, these are four of the best hotels in Soller.

1. Gran Hotel Soller

Gran Hotel Soller is a five-star luxury hotel in the center of Soller.

This hotel is located in one of the most characteristic buildings of Soller, a depiction of the architecture of the town in the 19th century. Even if you don’t stay here, go and have a look at the impressive building.

2. Hotel Esplendido

Hotel Esplendido is a modern, chic seaside hotel, located in Port de Soller, just off the beach overlooking the port.

Its location is absolutely perfect and the views overlooking the port are impressive day and night.

3. Hotel Es Port

This is one of my favorite hotels in Soller. Hotel Es Port is located in an old mansion fortified in the 17th century in Port de Soller, only a short walk from the harbor and the beach.

Its quiet location surrounded by beautiful gardens makes this a great place for a relaxing stay in Port de Soller.

4. Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa

Jumeirah Port Soller is the most luxurious hotel in Soller. Built on a cliff overlooking Port de Soller it has breathtaking views.

With two restaurants, four bars and lounges, two swimming pools, and a beautiful Spa it offers all the luxury you expect from a Jumeirah hotel.

But, these four hotels are definitely the more high-end hotels in Soller. If you are looking for more affordable options I’d recommend checking Booking.com for hotel options and special deals. Although unfortunately, especially in high season, hotels in Soller can get quite expensive.

I hope this article helped to give you an idea of what to do in Soller. It really is a lovely town and I hope you will enjoy it!

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A guide for what to do in Soller

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  1. Hi Julie,

    Unfortunately Soller and the port are really too far apart to comfortably walk, especially at night.
    Until October the last tram from Soller leaves at 20:35 and the last one leaving the port is at 21:09.
    I don’t know until when in October that is so please do check these official times before you go: http://trendesoller.com/horarios/

    Taxis aren’t that expensive though so that can always be your backup option.

    Have a great time in Soller! I’m sure you will love it

  2. How late does the tram run from the port into Soller? I am matureish lady visiting in October on my own so was wondering if it is a walkable distance and ok to walk at night? Thankyou very much for your great tips my little dream visit is becoming more of a reality now.

  3. Hey Sarah,
    I unfortunately have to say I don’t find the town of Soller very wheelchair friendly… Have you booked accommodation yet? The port might be nicer because of the long boardwalk with plenty of bars, restaurants and shops.

    There is a Facebook group called Expats World in Mallorca. I would recommend joining them and asking your question there as well. They might have some more information about the town of Soller.

  4. Hi, I’m so glad I have stumbled across you story, it has been very helpful. Myself and 3 girlfriends have booked a 5 day stay in Soller town, 1 of our party needs assistance with a wheelchair, could you recommend bars restaurants that are easy accessibility, and things we can do that accommodate wheelchair’s xx

  5. I am looking for the family of my great grandfather. He was born and raised in Soller, Mallorca. He lived in Puerto Rico, and returned to Mallorca around 1890. He left a daughter in Puerto Rico (my grandmother). His name was Bernardí Oliver College. Tell me the best way to find the family in Soller? Thanks

  6. So happy I found your article and thank you again so much for answering some of my questions about Port de Soller and the hotels. Booking a honeymoon is stressful and you have made my decision easier! Thank you again for sharing your knowledge and experiences!

  7. Thank you for such a great article. My family and I will be spending time in Soller next July. We also would like to find a town with nice beaches and a decent town with a little history and plenty of restuarant choices, do you have any recommendations?

  8. Hi,
    Arriving Port de Soller late April and plan to spend the day walking, especially to Deja. However, I’ll be at a loose end in the evenings if anyone wants to chat.


  9. I fell in love with Mallorca first time I went there and just keep coming back and hoping to move there someday. That island is something really special.
    Soller is such a cute little village, I enjoyed my every visit there and the train ride, of course.

  10. I’m writing from Palma as look at a possible move to Mallorca and more specifically Soller. We’re a couple in our 30’s and are aiming to live for 12months and maybe longer. Thanks for the post – it’s a rare insight. I do have a few questions if that is ok?

    I was worried it might be too strange living in a holiday resort. How did you find it? Did you make friends outside from the visiting tourists? How did that go?

    We both work for ourselves from our laptops. I saw you did too. How did that go and were you the only one doing this? Ideally we could work in a co-working space, but you mentioned that bar might be a good alternative in the meantime!

    Much appreciate any ideas and any feedback you have. Tomorrow we are off to compare Soller to the east coast which is a bit cheaper, but I suspect lacks the charm of Soller.


    • Thanks for your message! I’m always happy to share my experience living and working abroad. We just chatted through Facebook and I hope the info I gave was useful.

      Soller really is beautiful and my favorite place in Mallorca but yes, it is a very touristy place in summer and a sleepy town in winter. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it’s just something to be aware of.

      Most (young) people work in the tourism industry, are very outgoing and go out for drinks after work a lot. It’s quite easy to meet them simply by going to the same places more often so that people start to notice you are a “local”.

      I found one other person who has this digital nomad / working on your laptop lifestyle and I don’t think you will find many more. But it would be a great spot for this so maybe we should start a digital nomad group here! 😉

      Enjoy the rest of your trip and feel free to contact me again if you have any other questions!


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