I’m quite a shy person. I really am but I’m sure most people who know me would disagree with me on this nowadays. 12 years of traveling, moving to very diverse countries all over the world and starting numerous new jobs has changed me. I have learnt to start over, build a new life and talk to strangers. I now love meeting new people, people with completely different backgrounds and completely different lifestyles. That’s one of the amazing things moving to a new country on my own has brought me. It has helped me grow as a person, deal with setbacks and feel free. Free to do whatever I want, live wherever I want. And that to me is an amazing luxury!

The following article describes perfectly how valuable of an experience it is to move to a new place on your own.

Why You Should Move To A New City Where You Don’t Know A Single Soul

There’s no better feeling than setting a courageous goal for yourself and defying the odds to achieve it; jumping headfirst into the unknown with an open heart and an open mind.

While you may be comfortable living in your hometown or your cozy college city, sometimes you need to ask yourself if you’re truly taking advantage of the world’s opportunities

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Image: Hostel Casa Kiwi in Honduras, where I lived and worked in 2009, just after a coup. A unique experience living abroad!


Author: Sanne Wesselman
A traveler, wanderer, digital nomad and entrepreneur. Owner of marketing company A to Z Marketing (Atozmarketing.eu).
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