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from short trips to traveling the world & living abroad

Hong Kong in one of the most popular expat cities in the World

But what is this city really like? And how does it feel to move to Hong Kong and build a new life in this vibrant city?

In the Ask an Expat series I interview people living all over the world but outside of their home country. I try to help paint an honest picture of the ups and downs of life abroad, share tips for anyone thinking about moving abroad and information about what to see and do in the city, town or country the expat now calls home.

Expat life in Hong Kong, China

Location: Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China
Name: Kanika
Age: is just a number
Home country: India

Her story:

“I came to Hong Kong almost five years ago for University and ended up staying in the city after. I’ve grown up in about four different countries, but Hong Kong was something I had never seen before. I didn’t think I’d end up staying here for this long, since I love to wander. But I guess wandering in a city of 7 million, isn’t too bad!”

Why Hong Kong?

“It’s a dynamic city where language isn’t really a problem.

In addition to that, China offers good economic and travel opportunities and Hong Kong is close enough to venture in, but not close enough to need to be fluent in Mandarin. Hong Kong is a great place from where to explore Asia, to learn about culture and to meet a variety of people.”

What do you like about Hong Kong?

Hong Kong expat life

“There is so much to do here. Hong Kong is filled with vivacity and culture which makes it hard to get bored exploring. Every inch is something new.

Hong Kong smashes together people from corners of the world that wouldn’t have dreamed of meeting each other. It’s kind of like traveling across the world to get exposed to cultures through people- except, it’s all in one place.

It’s the same with the food. Being a foodie, I love how I can think of any type of cuisine and I can find it here. There are loads of pubs and clubs as well and drinking and going out isn’t too expensive either (especially since there are lots of ladies nights across the city! 😉 ).

Convenience defines Hong Kong. Everything is efficient and quick. You don’t need a car to get around, you have the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) which goes to almost every corner of Hong Kong. Buses are just a hop skip and jump away, taxis are cheap. It’s easy to call in to the bank or do things online for any avenue of your life.”

What do you dislike about Hong Kong?

“Relationships can get a bit shallow, given the fast pace of life. People seldom come to stay for longer than two years which means you’re forced to be comfortable with change.

Everything needs to be scheduled well in advance, especially with local friends.

Additionally, there’s a lot of privilege given to people of certain countries, and the opposite for minorities.”

What is your favorite thing to do in Hong Kong?

“Sit on the rooftop of one of my favorite buildings and look at the sea (and maybe do some yoga)”

What is your favorite place to eat in Hong Kong?

food in Hong Kong

“O God, so hard to come up with just one name! Let me cheat a bit and give you two: Crystal Jade and 3 am Dimsum in Kennedy Town.”

What is your favorite bar in Hong Kong?

“97, but it shut down. So let’s go with Bindaas Bar + Kitchen on Aberdeen Street.”

What is the expat community like in Hong Kong?

“There is a large expat community in Hong Kong, ranging from new expats, often in their mid-twenties to the people who decide to make Hong Kong their permanent home. Most expats come here for stints of 2-3 years though.”

Any resources you found useful during the process of moving to and/or building a new life in Hong Kong?

“I came here to study first so I figured most things out myself but Sassy HK is a pretty good source for young women moving here and Open Rice for food!”

Is there something you just have to see or do when you are in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong travel tips

“Yes, so much! A few recommendations:

  • Lan Kwai Fong: an area with lots of restaurants, bars and clubs, popular among expats.
  • Sai Kung District (map), the second largest district in Hong Kong in terms of area. It is known as ‘Hong Kong’s back garden’ because of the beautiful hiking trails and beaches. The village of Sai Kung is also noted locally for its seafood restaurants, many of which congregate on the seafront, known as ‘Seafood Street’.
  • the Chi Lin Nunnery, a large Buddhist temple complex located in Diamond Hill.
  • A hidden gem: the Sai Wan Swimming Shed (map). Swimming sheds were built along the sea shore and provided changing rooms and wooden piers for swimmers. The Sai Wan Swimming Shed is the only shed that is still in service in Hong Kong.
  • Hike up to The Peak for a fabulous view. Victoria Peak is a mountain in the western half of Hong Kong Island. It is also known as Mount Austin, and locally as The Peak.
  • Take the Star Ferry!”
About Kanika

Interview with an expat in Hong Kong

Vibrant, bold and outspoken. Kanika is a sucker for stories and she finds herself chasing them around the world.

Follow her find her way in this world through stories of fantastic people, places, heartbreak and kalimotxo hangovers on her blog The Capsule Wanderer.

And, if you are thinking about moving to Hong Kong, contact her and she’ll get you prepped!

About Hong Kong

About Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an autonomous territory, and former British colony, in southeastern China. It is a place with multiple personalities. Its vibrant, densely populated urban center is a major port and global financial hub with a skyscraper-studded skyline.

Hong Kong has become a major tourism destination for China’s increasingly affluent mainland population and is a major shopping destination, famed for bespoke tailors and Temple Street Night Market.

Hong Kong is a unique destination that has absorbed people and cultural influences from places as diverse as Vietnam and Vancouver and proudly proclaims itself to be Asia’s World City.

Tip: if you have limited time to explore Hong Kong, take the hop-on hop-off bus

Ask an Expat: Living in Hong Kong
 as a convenient way to explore the city.

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Ask an Expat: Living in Hong Kong

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