Coliving and Coworking in Montenegro: a Good Destination for Working Remotely?

Working remotely while traveling the world seems to be a real trend these days. So for all these years and without knowing it I might actually have been a trendsetter! 😉

Since 2008 I have been living and working all over the world and one of my main issues for years has been that I was always the only one with this “strange lifestyle“. But that has definitely changed.

There are thousands of people these days who choose to say goodbye to their traditional careers to live and work a different life while seeing more of the world.

And from that, many amazing initiatives have arisen. From online platforms where digital nomads can share experiences to trips and tours for people to work and travel together and numerous coworking and coliving opportunities all over the world.

Coliving and Coworking in Montenegro

coliving and coworking in Montenegro

Last week I had the opportunity to visit one of the newer coworking and coliving ventures in a country I knew next-to-nothing about: Montenegro.

Montenegro is located on the Adriatic Sea, directly across from Italy and Playworking is the name of this new venture in what I discovered to be a small and beautiful country.

Jeffrey, the American owner of Playworking, knows what it is like to be self-employed and struggle with work/life balance. With Playworking he wants to help digital nomads combine work with exercise to be more productive and enjoy both their lifestyle and their surroundings.

Now that certainly appeals to me because I know how easy it is to get stuck behind my laptop all day!

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So, I got on a flight to check out this place and prepared myself for some serious muscle ache!

And what a great trip it was. During my stay in Montenegro I cycled, I hiked, I paddle-boarded and explored as much as I could of the area.

In between, I managed to get my work done and felt wonderfully energized before I had to leave this great country again. It really is amazing to see how much daily exercise in beautiful surroundings can improve your mood! 🙂

Why Choose Playworking For Coworking & Coliving in Montenegro

coworking Montenegro
Playworking’s coworking and coliving space in Montenegro

Playworking offers all the basics you need: simple, modern and affordable accommodation, a comfortable place to work from, meals provided so no stress there and all sorts of outdoor activities.

Playworking consists of a large house that can accommodate up to 15 people and provides ample coworking space.

With reliable internet and a clean, modern setting it is a great place for getting some work done. It offers a small kitchen so that you can cook for yourself if you prefer, a nice living room to relax and watch a movie and lots of outdoor space to enjoy Montenegro’s great climate.

The house is located just outside of Tivat, a small town with a lovely port. Bicycles are available to get to town and to explore the area around it but I do have to warn you: Montenegro is quite hilly so you will be using those muscles!

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Playworking is a new business, therefore do expect some work in progress but if you are looking for a place to unwind, re-energize and connect with other digital nomads, I highly recommend a visit!

Plus, Montenegro has really impressed me: beautiful nature, lovely historic towns mixed with well thought out new developments, friendly people and good internet almost everywhere.

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working remotely in Montenegro
Choose from numerous outdoor activities while coliving at Playworking

Do you think you will enjoy working remotely from Montenegro?

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About Montenegro

About Montenegro

Montenegro is a small Balkan country of just 630,000 people with rugged mountains, medieval villages and a narrow strip of beaches along its Adriatic coastline.

The Bay of Kotor, resembling a fjord, is dotted with coastal churches and fortified towns. Durmitor National Park encompasses limestone peaks, glacial lakes, wildlife such as wolves and bears, and the 1,300m-deep Tara River Canyon.

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The Digital Nomad Lifestyle

Digital nomads are location independent and use technology to remotely perform their work.

The great thing about the digital nomad community is that it consists of smart, very diverse people who are passionate about their lifestyle. Consequently, many have come up with unique opportunities to help promote and make the most of this way of life.

Whether you are looking for a network of like-minded people to travel with, a platform to ask for advice on your next destination or a profitable business relationship… you will be able to find it all within the digital nomad community.

Digital Nomad Resources

There are so many networks and websites with information about the digital nomad lifestyle that I couldn’t possibly list them all here but if you do want to connect with other digital nomads or learn more about the lifestyle I recommend searching for “digital nomad” on Facebook and connecting with a few digital nomad networks there. Or check out Nomadic Notes for an overview of digital nomad resources.

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  1. This is great Sanne- totally understand the Playworkingg truth. Will really consider heading to Montenegro and experiencing this for myself. I just finished a week of playworking with my startup in a space in Morcco called Sundesk- could be another possiblity for you to travel.

    keep traveling!

    • Thanks Julianne, I loved Morocco when I visited it 2 years ago so that might be a great option, I’ll definitely look into it!

    • Hello Julianne, you really should head over to Montenegro. It is absolutely amazing. You will certainly see some breath taking scenery and untouched nature if you know where to look. If you should have any questions about Montenegro


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