It’s funny really that in many coastal towns in Spain it seems easier to find a place serving a full English breakfast than a bar offering you a simple Spanish breakfast…

Because yes, what you have probably heard about Spain is true: the Spanish Costas have been taken over by foreigners! Not only the British have chosen the Spanish coast as a perfect place for a second home, you will also find Dutch, German, Scandinavian and more recently Russian people of all ages hoping to find their happiness in Spain. Well, of all ages… that has changed somewhat since the financial crisis!

So ok, foreigners moving to Spain and especially foreigners spending the winter months in Spain (Benidorm being a great example of that) tend to have passed that age of having to work for a living…

But, summer has started and that means it’s time for younger people to find their way to the Spanish coast, enjoy Spain’s cheap alcohol, get drunk every night, create scenes, puke in bars and act as if they own the place… yeah, gotta love life on the Costa!

Thankfully it’s not impossible to avoid the masses or find the expats and tourists that do know how to behave and enjoy all the great things Spain has to offer… Just find a group of extremely pale people (tourists on their first day in Spain) or a group of extremely red people (tourists on their second day in Spain), watch which way they are walking… and then walk in the exact opposite direction.

Spanish town Teulada, Costa Blanca

This morning for me this meant that instead of going to beautiful but touristy Moraira I went to Teulada (map): a town that is less pretty at first sight and doesn’t have some amazing beach because it’s located just a few kilometers inland. But, with a nice old town center and typically Spanish cafes hidden in small streets, it was the perfect place for my Spanish breakfast.

And what made it all perfect: I even had to order in Spanish!! Yes seriously, coastal towns such as Moraira are so touristy that it’s hard to find a Spanish waiter…

So then what is this great Spanish breakfast?

In Spain, breakfast is the smallest meal of the day. Tostada con tomate (toast with tomato) is what you will see most Spaniards eat in the morning. It’s simple but so tasty and I absolutely love it!

When you order it in a bar or cafe, you will get a sliced, toasted baguette with a little bowl of mashed tomatoes, a bottle of olive oil and some salt. You pour the olive oil on the toasted baguette, add a generous amount of the tomato and then some salt to taste. Wash it down with a cafe con leche, a large coffee cup containing a small amount of strong espresso coffee with a lot of very hot, frothy milk, and you are ready to start the day!

And the best thing about this breakfast? The tostada and the coffee together set me back just 1.50 euros!

Do you want to make it a fancy breakfast? Then add some good quality queso manchego (manchego cheese) or jamon serrano (serrano ham) to your tostada and order a fresh orange juice to go with it.

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If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home.” – James A. Michener


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