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What to say about Moraira, a small Spanish fishing village turned beach resort…

I moved to Moraira when I was 18 and spent five years here. I have since lived all over the world and now call Valencia home, but I still visit Moraira frequently to meet up with friends and to enjoy everything this town, that still feels like home, has to offer.

In this article, I want to share some of the main things to do in Moraira, good bars and restaurants in Moraira and some hotels in Moraira I’d recommend.

About Moraira

Moraira town

Moraira, located in the Northern part of the Costa Blanca, is an old fishing village, chosen by many Northern Europeans as the place to buy a second home.

The town is quiet in winter and lively in summer with nice beaches, a well-maintained town center, and a nice port area.

Moraira offers a surprisingly large number of bars and restaurants ranging from authentic Spanish restaurants and tapas bars to British pubs and international restaurants owned mainly by Northern European expats.

Moraira’s main historic buildings are the 18th-century castle which sits beside l’Ampolla beach and the Torre de Vigilancia del Cap d’Or, on top of the mountain called Cap d’Or.

Moraira is officially part of the small town of Teulada, which is located just a few kilometers inland. El Portet is one of its best known areas, with a beautiful beach and many expensive villas with some of the best views in Moraira.

Moraira enjoys a Mediterranean climate with warm summers and mild winters and the average yearly temperature exceeds 20 degrees.

But, let’s talk about the more interesting stuff: the best things to do in Moraira!

Things to Do in Moraira

1. Go to El Portet Beach

the walk to El Portet beach

The walk to El Portet beach – Things to do in Moraira

Walk from the center of Moraira to El Portet for an amazing view of the port and the Mediterranean. Stop for a drink at El Portet beach, my favorite beach in Moraira.

2. Check out the Moraira Market

Every Friday from 8:30AM until 2:30PM there is a large market in Moraira at the main parking lot in between Av. Madrid and Ctra. Moraira – Calpe. 

From fresh fruit to cheap sunglasses, you can find it all at the Moraira market. It’s a fun market to browse and because it’s right next to the town center it can easily be combined with lunch or a coffee at one of the many restaurants and cafes.

Tip: get here early if you are driving into town, because parking can be difficult!

3. Hike to Torre Vigia Cap d’Or

the watchtower on Cap d'Or

the view from the watchtower in Moraira

Enjoy the view from the Torre Vigia Cap d’Or – Things to do in Moraira

A relatively easy, 30-minute hike takes you from El Portet to the watchtower on Cap d’Or.

The watchtower or the Torre Vigia Cap d’Or is solid and does not have a doorway – this was part of its defense. But, the view from up here is beautiful and well worth the hike!

4. Join One of the Many Fiestas in Moraira

Things to do in Moraira: Moros y Cristianos

Moros y Cristianos in Moraira – Things to do in Moraira

See if there are any celebrations or Fiestas happening while you are in Moraira. If so, make sure to check them out because this is the best way to see the local culture.

Visit Moraira Online 24 for a yearly calendar of local fiestas.

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5. Relax and Enjoy the Slower Pace of Life

Just relax, you are in Spain!

Have a glass of wine, try some tapas, enjoy the great weather and embrace the slower-paced Mediterranean lifestyle…

Hotels in Moraira & Other Places to Stay

where to stay in Moraira - hotels in Moraira

1. Hotel La Sort Moraira

Hotel La Sort is the most centrally located hotel in Moraira, set just off the main beach. La Sort Moraira is a cozy, modern boutique hotel with 22 comfortable rooms including family rooms and penthouses. Without a doubt one of the best hotels in Moraira.

2. Hotel Swiss Moraira

Hotel Swiss is a beautiful, stylish hotel located just outside of the center of Moraira. It has a total of 36 comfortable rooms and a good restaurant. If you are looking for a comfortable, quiet stay in Moraira then this is the best option.

3. HomeAwayMoraira, Costa Blanca - What to Do, Where to Eat & Where to Stay

A large number of tourists visiting Moraira choose to rent a villa or an apartment.

Especially if you are planning a family vacation in Spain or are traveling as a group, renting a house is a great and much more affordable option.

There are numerous rental agents offering properties for rent in Moraira but HomeAwayMoraira, Costa Blanca - What to Do, Where to Eat & Where to Stay is a reliable international organization with a good selection of rental properties in Moraira.

Restaurants in Moraira

restaurants in Moraira

A traditional Spanish paella – Restaurants in Moraira

There are so many restaurants in Moraira that it’s almost impossible not to find a place you like. My recommendation is to just walk around town, look at a few menus and pick the restaurant that appeals to you most. You can’t really go wrong.

But, here are some of the best restaurants in Moraira:

1. Le Dauphin

This restaurant is the most exclusive restaurant in Moraira. It is located in El Portet’s bay and the building is, for a large part, made out of natural stones and antique wood, giving it a beautiful, luxurious feel.

Sitting on the terrace you look out over the bay towards Calpe. Of course not a cheap eat, but for those who can afford it, this restaurant comes highly recommended.

2. The Olive Tree

The Olive Tree is a very popular restaurant in Moraira offering a high-quality dining experience at reasonable prices. It’s also a good choice for a romantic dinner.

3. Meson El Refugio

El Refugio is a traditional Spanish restaurant run by a local Spanish family. The restaurant is located in the center of town, open from early morning until dinner and loved by the locals. From local fishermen to police officers; if you spend some time in this restaurant you will see them all stopping by.

The only downside if you visit this restaurant in summer is that it has no terrace.

4. Raco de L’Arros

This is the best restaurant in Moraira to get an authentic Spanish paella. Located on avda. Madrid, in the center of Moraira.

5. Dgust

Dgust is a modern restaurant located on Plaza Sort in the center of Moraira offering a mix of Spanish and international dishes. They do a great paella!

Bars in Moraira

Apart from a large number of restaurants Moraira also has ample choice in bars. These are some of the ones I would recommend:

1. Royal Beach Club

Royal Beach Club is a larger bar in Moraira, located just across from the castle.

It looks somewhat like an Irish pub with its wooden interior. The bar, where I once worked, is liked by locals, expats and tourists, giving it a nice international feel. From the terrace you have a lovely view of the castle.

2. Algas Bar

If you are looking for a great place to enjoy a cocktail or for a terrace with a perfect view of Moraira, then I would recommend Algas. The bar is located just outside of the town center, towards Calpe.

3. Upper Club

located in the port of Moraira, Upper Club is the only real lounge bar in Moraira.

It’s a great place to spend an afternoon, enjoy a cocktail and stare at expensive yachts…

4. Carambano

This bar that also offers some simple food is located close to the port. It has a great terrace and is a good place to spend an afternoon.

Moving to and Living in Moraira

My life in Spain started at a restaurant in Moraira called El Pollo Loco. They offered me a job, I moved to Spain, fell in love with Moraira and with the Spanish lifestyle and never looked back…

I did leave Moraira though. When the crisis hit and a lot of my expat friends started leaving Moraira I decided it was time for something new. That is probably when my life as a wanderer started because since then I have lived in over a dozen countries.

But, as they say “Not all those who wander are lost”

I’m back in Moraira now, just for a few more days, and then it’s time for a new destination and a new adventure…

I hope you enjoyed my tips for things to do in Moraira, good bars and restaurants in Moraira and hotels in Moraira. And if you are thinking about moving to Moraira, check out this interview with an expat about life in Moraira.

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Moraira, Costa Blanca - What to Do, Where to Eat & Where to Stay

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