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from short trips to traveling the world & living abroad

It’s a shame that during the almost five years I lived in Moraira, on Spain’s Costa Blanca, I only went on a hike once.

I guess I must have been too busy working, studying, building a life, paying rent… Those normal, every day things that unfortunately do continue even if you choose a life abroad.

But of course, I could have made time for it and now that I know how many great hiking opportunities there are on the Costa Blanca I try to go on at least one hike every time I’m back in the area.

Climbing the Sierra Bernia

The Sierra Bernia hike, Costa Blanca

Hiking up the Sierra Bernia

Climbing the Sierra Bernia, Costa Blanca

Hiking towards the watchtower of Cap d'Or

Hiking around Moraira, Costa Blanca

Spain has some of the best hiking areas in Europe and few countries can offer its combination of good weather and spectacular, unspoiled countryside.

Serious hikers can enjoy mountain walking in some of the most amazing scenery in Europe and there are also numerous easy hikes for less experienced hikers such as myself.

Hiking isn’t a popular sport among the Spanish, although Spain is a favorite destination for foreign hikers. The most famous hiking route is El Camino de Santiago, the old ‘pilgrim’s way’ from Le Puy in France to Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Spain.

The Costa Blanca won’t end up in many people’s top 10 of best hiking places in the world, but while you are here it’s definitely worth going for a hike!

The Hike Down to Cala los Tiestos on Cumbre del Sol

hiking Costa Blanca

This time I went for a short hike, although not necessarily the easiest one ever: the hike down to the beautiful cove called Cala los Tiestos.

This trail was not listed on any of the hiking websites I know but my friend found out that there should be a way to get down to this tiny cove next to the Cumbre del Sol beach in Benitachell, just North East of Moraira.

Steps without any sign or other way of indicating we were going in the right direction lead us down the mountain.

The steps soon ended and after a walk down a rocky path of barely half an hour we reached a rope… The first of three ropes, we would soon learn. Climbing down the ropes eventually lead us to an amazing, idyllic little beach where we spent the rest of the afternoon. And, as my friend said: “If only every hike had a beach at the end of it!

Hiking to an idyllic beach on the Costa Blanca

Hike to Cala los Tiestos on Cumbre del Sol

Cala los Tiestos – hiking on the Costa Blanca

Over the year I’ve done a lot of hikes and walks on the Costa Blanca. And this one to Cala los Tiestos, although a short hike, is definitely in my Top 3! The other two spots I would give to the hike up to the Peñon de Ifach (Calpe’s famous rock) and the Sierra de Bernia hike, because of the incredible view.

Hiking on the Costa Blanca

Hiking in Spain with amazing views

Hiking on the Costa Blanca gives you incredible views!

the watchtower on Cap d'Or

hiking to the watchtower on Cap d’Or, Moraira, Costa Blanca

Hikes in the Costa Blanca usually take somewhere between 2 to 6 hours and most of them offer amazing views. On a clear day, you will often be able to see a large part of the Costa Blanca which is absolutely stunning.

Spring and autumn are the best seasons for hiking on the Costa Blanca, when the weather generally isn’t too hot or too cold. Most hikes are clearly indicated with signs and markings on rocks so getting lost won’t be something to worry about too much.

Make sure you always bring enough water and protection against both the sun and the cold (on top of some of the higher mountains or as soon as the sun starts setting it can get quite chilly).

Apart from it being a fun way to exercise and a great way to enjoy nature and see the area, what I love about hiking is that it seems to either attract friendly people or it just brings out the best in people. I have had numerous friendly and often very interesting chats with ‘fellow hikers’ that made my hike even better.

So, if you are looking for a friendly face and some fresh air… go for a hike!

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