What is it like to move to a foreign country? To start over? Everyone’s experiences will be different and that’s why I not only want to share my own stories and experiences but also ask other expats about their experiences living abroad…

And since I’m in Moraira at the moment I will start with the experiences of an expat here.

Expat life in Moraira, Spain

Location: Moraira, Costa Blanca, Spainmap of Moraira, Spain
Name: Ray
Age: 46
Home town: Cork, Ireland

His story:

Ray moved to Spain on March 15, 2003. After having lived in Japan for 11 years he couldn’t really settle back into normal life in Ireland. He wanted something else. When he came across a job ad in an Irish newspaper from a Spanish estate agency he decided “what’s the worst that could happen?”, he packed up his stuff and flew to Alicante, Spain. That’s how his life as an estate agent in the small town of Moraira started… He has long since left that company and is now self employed, still working as an estate agent and still enjoying life in Moraira.

Why Moraira?

“I had never heard of Moraira before to be honest. It was just because the company I was gonna work for had an office there. They helped me find accommodation in Moraira and once I left the company I had built a life in Moraira and had my network there so it made sense to stay. Plus, even though it’s a small town I do really like it here.”

What do you like about Moraira?

“Moraira is exotic enough to be different from the point of view of climate and culture but similar enough to feel homely. You have people from many different countries living here. And it’s easy to fly home which, after having lived in Japan, definitely is something I appreciate.”

What do you dislike about Moraira?

“It is a small town where outside of the hospitality business there are little business opportunities. Especially a lack of opportunities for young people.”

What is your favourite place to eat in Moraira?

“I would say Axe Brasil, the Rib’s bar, for the best spare ribs in town.”

What is your favorite bar in Moraira?

“El Sid’s is a bar I enjoy going to. It feels homely, with the owner making an effort to get to know you. Located just a bit off the main street it’s a bar where many, mainly British, expats and retirees go to.”

Is there something you just have to see or do when you are in Moraira?

“Come for the Moors and Christians festival in June. It’s a great opportunity to see the integration of foreign residents and Spanish locals who both actively participate in the festival.”

Any tips for living in Moraira?

“Learn to live with siestas. Shops and offices close for a few hours during lunch and that’s something that takes most expats a while to get used to. Also because not all businesses shut and reopen at the same time. Just get used to not being able to do much roughly between 1pm and 5pm.

And one other thing, Moraira is a great base but each neighboring town has got its own character. Do explore and wander inland as well.”

About Moraira

Moraira town centre, Spain

Moraira, located in the Northern part of the Costa Blanca, is an old fishing village, chosen by many Northern Europeans as the place to buy a second home. Quiet in winter and lively in summer with nice beaches, a well maintained town center and a nice port area.

There is a high proportion of expatriates living here permanently, and the area is very popular with affluent retirees, especially British. The majority of visitors to Moraira are Spanish, British, German, Dutch, and French.

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Author: Sanne Wesselman
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