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I love traveling

And by traveling in this case I mean actually moving from place to place. I love flying despite the long hours at boring airports. Once I get onto the plane, sit down in my window seat and watch the world get smaller as the plane takes off, I feel happy. Excited to be able to travel somewhere again. But I love all means of transport really. It gets you places and from my window seat I have seen some amazing sights. I have spent hours and hours on trains, on boats and on overcrowded buses taking me to unknown destinations. And although the journey wasn’t always comfortable, the sights were often spectacular and the destinations a new adventure.

Here are 30 of my pictures, giving you 30 reasons to always go for a seat with a view:

Flying from Suriname to Aruba Caribbean

Ocean view: flying from Suriname to Aruba, Caribbean


Brazil boat trip - Spend Life Traveling

A different view of Brazil: sailing along Brazil’s amazing coast


train in India

Train view: scenic journey from a hill station in India


Sea Plane flight Maldives

A window seat not to miss: on a sea plane flight in the Maldives


Flight Miami view

Urban view: flying to Miami, Florida


sunset outside of Barcelona

Car view: a beautiful sunset as we left Barcelona, Spain


Airport of St. Maarten, waiting to fly on to Curacao

A stormy view: a short stop on the island of St. Maarten before flying on to Curacao in the Caribbean


View from a rickshaw in India

View from a rickshaw in India


Flight from St. Maarten to St. Barts

Beautiful flight in a tiny airplane from the Caribbean island of St. Maarten to St. Barts (St. Barthelemy)


Flight to Puerto Rico

Window seat on a flight to Puerto Rico quite a few years ago…


flying a cessna

The best window seat: a flying lesson in a cessna


Exploring Suriname by boat

Unspoiled view: exploring Bigi Pan nature reserve in Suriname by boat


Oman by boat - Spend Life Traveling

Sailing around Oman: perfect seat to keep an eye on the captain…


train in Sri Lanka, to Ella

View through cracked glass: my window seat on a train in Sri Lanka


airboat ride in Orlando

Lake view: amazing airboat ride in Orlando, Florida


Taking a ferry in Greece

Do they all want a window seat?? Island hopping in Greece


Taking a ferry in Greece

Back of the boat view: on a ferry in Greece


driving through the desert in Israel

Window seat on the bus: driving through the desert in Israel


sailing in Mauritius

Professional view: Spending a day on a catamaran in Mauritius as research staff


Scottish Highlands, Scotland

Driver’s seat view: driving through the Scottish Highlands


Watching the sunset in Aruba

Romantic view: watching an amazing sunset from a boat in Aruba


Maldives by boat

Luxury view: exploring the Maldives by boat


overcrowded train in India

Overcrowded train view: one overcrowded train passing the other in India


ferry to Klein Bonaire, Caribbean

Tropical view: Gazing at Klein Bonaire, a tiny, beautiful island that’s part of Bonaire, Caribbean


Ferry in Sydney Australia

Sydney Harbour Bridge view: On a ferry in Sydney, Australia


vulcano by lago atitlan

Vulcano view: on a bus to Lago Atitlan, Guatemala


from Robben Island to Cape Town

Table Mountain view: Heading back from Robben Island to Cape Town, South Africa


rickshaw in pune, india

Rickshaw view: driving through Pune, India


catamaran in Aruba, Caribbean

Relaxing view: an afternoon on a catamaran in Aruba, Caribbean


driving along south africa's coast

Coastal view: driving along South Africa’s coast

No matter where you go or what you do, try to enjoy the ride… and the view!


Author: Sanne Wesselman
A traveler, wanderer, digital nomad and entrepreneur. Owner of marketing company A to Z Marketing (Atozmarketing.eu).
I spend most of my time living and working abroad and use this blog to share some of my international experiences and travel tips.

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